Hidden calculator, or how to use Siri to solve examples on iPhone and iPad

The voice assistant Siri is well known to iPhone and iPad owners, but not everyone uses its capabilities to the maximum. As a rule, only basic Siri functions are very popular – often we ask the assistant to set a reminder or alarm. Another basic function is a calculator, but for some reason few people … Read more

How to block calls from undetectable (hidden) and unknown numbers on iPhone

If you do not want to answer the calls of certain subscribers, you can block their phone numbers in the list of your contacts on the iPhone (detailed instructions on how the Blacklist on iPhone works). However, it would be great to go even further and block calls from all unknown subscribers and those whose … Read more

Invisible on WhatsApp: How to enable hidden mode

Anyone old enough will be able to remember their delight at the emergence of SMS-messaging technology. Then it seemed to be the limit of perfection of telecommunication technologies. After all, each person could send an instant message to his friend from anywhere. The evolution of technology didn’t stop there. It is believed that the next … Read more

Hidden unit converter on iPhone: how to open and use

Starting with iOS 9, Apple’s mobile operating system has received a fairly convenient (but hidden from view) built-in currency converter, physical quantities, as well as a calculator that can calculate several actions at once. We will describe how to use this tool further. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to create location-based reminders on iPhone. Apple developers … Read more

Hidden folders and files in Windows 10: how to hide (show) photos, videos, documents, drives

Most operating systems do not consider it necessary to show all files to their users, for the sake of their safety at least. In Windows, you can also hide not only files, but also folders, and even entire disks. This trick is regularly used by advanced users. If initially the function was a systemic function … Read more

DISCOUNT (RUB 499 → RUB 179) Hidden Folks review: an original hand-drawn puzzle for iPhone and iPad

Indie games are a rather specific genre for the amateur, and not all of them can boast of creativity and free flight of imagination. But this does not apply to the Hidden Folks project – you do not often find games drawn by hand, and even voiced by the developer himself. Download Hidden Folks for … Read more

“Calculator” on iPhone: hidden features of a standard iOS application

“Calculator” is one of the system applications in iOS, to which the owners of “Apple” smartphones, for the most part, practically do not pay attention. For those who deal with constant calculations and calculations, the mobile calculator serves rather as an emergency replacement, but for other users the application is a good help in certain … Read more

Hidden correspondence on iPhone: how to create a secret chat without using instant messengers

Nobody wants outsiders to know about the contents of the secret letter. Moreover, not everyone wants to advertise the very fact of their correspondence. But iOS and iPadOS already have the required tools to hide their email communications. These systems will help make sure that no one knows about your correspondence. ♥ BY TOPIC: Tap … Read more

Hidden files on Mac: how to hide files and folders in macOS from strangers: 3 ways

Everyone probably knows that files or folders on a computer can be hidden. In Windows, it is enough to open the file properties and make it hidden. In macOS, you can also hide files and folders, but this is done in a slightly different way. This is what will be discussed in today’s article. ♥ … Read more

29 logos with masterfully hidden overtones

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How to open dock panel settings in macOS via hidden menu

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Hidden Bar – a handy utility for arranging items on the macOS menu bar

As new programs are installed on a Mac, the number of items on the right side of the system menu bar will increase. Not only does this make you strain every time in search of the right icon, it’s very difficult to put things in order in this place. Constantly have to get confused in … Read more

How to call from an iPhone to an extension by dialing it right away: hidden features that you might not have known about

How to call from an iPhone to an extension by dialing it right away: hidden features that you might not have known about

Many of us have been in situations where, when contacting any company or institution, we need to contact the necessary specialists or departments by the extension number. In this article, we will talk about the hidden features of the iPhone, making it easier to make calls to an extension number. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to … Read more