11 interesting inventions for health, home and recreation

People are cunning, persistent and lazy creatures at the same time. Faced with another problem, we prefer not to suffer and endure, but to find an alternative way to solve it. Often surprisingly creative. Vacuum bin Someone in the old-fashioned way sweeps crumbs under the carpet, others exploit robotic cleaners with might and main, and … Read more

Good habits for self-development and health promotion

Research, as well as common sense and personal experience show that even the longest journey begins with one step. The main thing is not to deviate from the path. Developing life-changing habits is difficult and requires tremendous willpower and patience to see the results. However, it is quite possible to change your lifestyle by forming … Read more

74 habits to improve health and relationships (part 2)

According to statistics, almost half of the actions we take during the day are not conscious. These are habits. They free us from excessive mental stress when doing the simplest things (you don’t think, for example, how to climb the stairs, right? Everything somehow turns out by itself) – and at the same time determine … Read more

How to disable forced iPhone slowdown and check battery health

One of the most important components of any smartphone is the battery. Recently, Apple’s scandalous admission has caused a lot of resonance that the company is really slowing down older devices, and this slowdown is directly related to the battery. ♥ BY TOPIC: What is QuickTake on iPhone, or how to take a video in … Read more