How to add a separator to the Dock on macOS to separate groups of themed apps

Want to better organize the Dock on your Mac – for example, separate office applications from, for example, instant messengers? It makes sense to do this not only logically (by placing icons next to each other), but also visually – by separating them from other applications with free space. How to do it? We will … Read more

Stacks in macOS, or how to organize files on your desktop into neat groups

Stacks is a great feature introduced in macOS Mojave that automatically cleans up your desktop by neatly organizing files into different groups on the side of the screen. To clear up a cluttered desktop, you can use stacks, and then use the grouping and sorting options to personalize the appearance of the stacks to your … Read more

How to distinguish COVID-19 coronavirus from flu and the common cold: symptoms and risk groups?

Perhaps today the question of self-diagnosis of coronavirus is one of the most important for many of us, because the panic inflated by some media and quite understandable anxiety among the population is growing every day. So, how to distinguish Covid-19 from a common cold or seasonal flu? ♥ BY TOPIC: Statistics and map of … Read more