How to turn off GPS on Apple Watch to increase battery life?

Starting with the second generation, Apple Watch smart watches have received an enlarged battery, which significantly extends the operating time of the gadget. However, for some users this is not enough and they want to extend the battery life of the watch even more. It is logical to assume that for this you need to … Read more

GPS and GLONASS: what it is, how it works and what is the difference

Today navigation is a necessary and very popular thing. Over the past few years, navigation chips have become commonplace in mobile gadgets and other electronics. There are GPS and GLONASS navigation systems, let’s figure out what each of them is and study the principles of operation. ♥ BY THEME: How to follow someone who was … Read more

GPS coordinates of a photo (location) on an iPhone: how to find out?

Did you like the landscape or landmark that your friend’s iPhone captured? Are you planning to visit the same place in the near future and would like to get the exact GPS coordinates of this location? It couldn’t be easier! Ask a friend to send you the exact GPS coordinates of the location where the … Read more