How to create an email in Gmail

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How to cancel sending an email to Gmail after clicking Send

One of the benefits of email is instant message delivery. However, this convenience sometimes comes at the cost of inconvenience. Once an email has been sent, it cannot be returned. Sometimes this leads to problems if an incomplete message is sent, or it was sent to the wrong recipients. Fortunately, Gmail allows you to quickly … Read more

6 extensions (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) for Gmail to help simplify work with e-mail

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How to set Gmail (or Spark, etc.) as default instead of Apple mail on iPhone and iPad

With the release of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 (detailed review), it became possible to choose a default mail application, different from the standard Mail. While there is nothing wrong with Apple’s Mail, some people just prefer a third-party app with different features. ♥ BY TOPIC: New in iOS 14: How to hide individual apps … Read more

Gmail archive: how to find it and get an email from it on iPhone or in a browser

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How to delete emails in Gmail on iPhone and iPad bypassing archiving

When using the standard Mail application on iPhone and iPad, users often encounter an annoying problem, the solution to which will be described below. The crux of the problem lies in the default settings, which is why the deleted mail, for example, from Gmail, moves to Archive, not in Shopping cart… A function designed to … Read more

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How to enter the Spam folder in Gmail and where it is located on your phone and computer

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How to transfer contacts from a SIM card, Gmail or phone to iPhone and iCloud

How to transfer contacts from a SIM card, Gmail or phone to iPhone and iCloud

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