Review of the game SteamWorld Heist – one of the best turn-based strategy games on iOS and Mac

Back in 2013, Image & Form studio declared itself as a promising game developer, presenting the SteamWorld Dig project. The creative method of developers is to borrow ideas from other games and rework them, complementing them with outstanding design and a balanced combination of all elements. This principle can be traced in the next hit … Read more

Oddmar is one of the best platform games for iPhone and iPad from the creators of Leo’s Fortune

If you are a fan of platformers, by no means miss out on this great game Oddmar from Mobge. It has everything a great platformer needs – a wide variety of jumps that will require all your dexterity and skill to complete, a fair amount of villains that you need to destroy, and a storyline … Read more

Best 2 player games for iPhone and iPad (with multiplayer)

Each gamer has his own, constantly changing list of favorite games (here is ours), but how to while away the time with a friend whose preferences are significantly different from yours? We have compiled a list of gaming applications for iPhone and iPad, among which you will surely find suitable entertainment. Air Hockey It’s worth … Read more

DISCOUNT (379r → 75r) Leo’s Fortune is one of the best games for iPhone and iPad

Developers (1337 Studios and Senri LLC) Leo’s fortune managed to promptly bring the new product to the top lines of the ratings, which attracted the attention of observers who deservedly entered the game on the list of the best mobile platformers along with Limbo, Machinarium, Badland and others. Download Leo’s Fortune for iPhone, iPad and … Read more

Solitaire for macOS – the best solitaire games on the Mac App Store

Despite the significant achievements of the gaming industry, some users still prefer the good old Solitaire Solitaire to high-profile blockbusters. There are options for this well-known Mac game. We offer to consider the best free and paid options. ♥ BY TOPIC: 7 games that you can play directly in a Google search. 250+ Solitaires The … Read more

7 games that you can play directly on Google

As you know, Google search is fraught with many surprises and surprises. Few people know, but it allows not only to find the necessary information on the Internet, but also to play exciting games directly in the search engine without the need to click on links or download applications. We bring to your attention a … Read more

“Scarf” (Solitaire) and other solitaire games from Windows for free on iPhone and iPad

Each user of a PC running Windows is familiar with the card solitaire included in the basic system – Kosinka (aka Klendyk or Solitaire), Spider, etc. These and other games are available to owners of iPhone and iPad. Download Microsoft Solitaire Collection for iPhone and iPad (App Store) The Solitaire Solitaire, despite its obvious simplicity, … Read more

DISCOUNT (299р → 149р) Leap of Fate game for iPhone and iPad is one of the best action games with rogue-like elements

Leap of fat for iPhone and iPad – an example of how a game can be of interest only because of the unusual mechanics available in it. In fact, this is a common mix of action and rogue-like, which owes its popularity to the non-standard approach of its developers. Download Leap of Fate for iPhone … Read more

Why a touchpad keyboard turns the Apple iPod Pro into a millennial generation tool

Why a touchpad keyboard turns the Apple iPod Pro into a millennial generation tool

Against the backdrop of the global history of coronavirus, which has swept the entire global information space from Wuhan to Cupertino, the spring announcement of Apple with the presentation of the new iPad Pro and MacBook Air may not seem like such a significant event as in the past. Apple had to not only cancel … Read more

14 old-school iPhone games to download. This is nostalgia

14 old-school iPhone games to download. This is nostalgia

We already talked about 20 retro games that can be played on the iPhone and iPad. It’s time to replenish the list of rare applications and nostalgia. There are fewer such applications every year, but they look advantageous against the background of donation farms and the Apple Arcade service, in which, after the first wave … Read more