Programs for recovering deleted files on a hard drive or SSD of a computer: 10 of the best applications

For those working professionally at the computer, the loss of valuable information can be the worst nightmare. Various situations are possible that will lead to the loss of data. It can be a failure caused by damaged hardware, or files accidentally deleted by the user himself. ♥ BY THEME: How easy it is to learn … Read more

How to remove duplicate files (photos, etc.) and free up space on Mac: the best free apps

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How to add app shortcuts, folders, and files to the Finder on macOS

Users who have just recently switched to a Mac may not be familiar with all the benefits of the system at first. Compared to Windows, in Apple’s OS, a lot of the actions are done intuitively. However, not all operations are completely obvious, therefore, below we give an example of the interaction of folders and … Read more

“Do you want to allow downloads”, or how to turn off the request to download files in Safari on Mac

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How to transfer files from computer to computer using a torrent client

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How to quickly clean Windows from garbage (cache, unnecessary system files, etc.)

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Free “clouds” without registration to transfer files between iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows

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How to co-edit files from iCloud on iPhone or iPad

Starting with iOS 11, Apple’s mobile operating system has the ability to share documents from iCloud Drive using the new standard Files application. It is very easy to share a document in the Files application on iPhone or iPad, but for some reason Cupertinians have hidden this menu unusually far, which may cause confusion for … Read more

How to find and delete large unused files and applications on Mac using standard tools

Popular wisdom says: “There is never too much space on a computer.” In this article, we will tell you how to use the standard macOS tools to identify applications and files that you have not used for a long time, programs that take up the most space on your Mac and how to remove them. … Read more

How to quickly create a folder based on selected files on Mac (macOS)

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Hidden folders and files in Windows 10: how to hide (show) photos, videos, documents, drives

Most operating systems do not consider it necessary to show all files to their users, for the sake of their safety at least. In Windows, you can also hide not only files, but also folders, and even entire disks. This trick is regularly used by advanced users. If initially the function was a systemic function … Read more

How to quickly add icons, files, and folders to the Dock on Mac (macOS)

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How to change the default app to open files on macOS: 3 ways

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Where to see download status when copying files from Mac to iCloud Drive

When you move or copy files from your Mac to iCloud Drive, you can always see the progress of the download. Finder on Mac allows you to check copy (move) status at multiple locations in the file system. Here are four ways to check the current status of your Mac to iCloud Drive copy process. … Read more

Templates (duplicates) of documents on Mac, or how to protect the original files from changes

Function Template offers a handy way to simplify your workflow if you use document templates on Mac all the time. In fact, this functionality “forces” the parent application to open a copy of the file by default, ensuring the safety of the original document. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to create an HTML picture signature for … Read more

How to increase the size of Yandex Disk by 20 GB for free (for storing photos, videos and files)

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How to change the Downloads folder for downloading files in Safari on Mac to another

When downloading files, the Safari browser does not ask where to save them. All photos, videos, music and other data automatically go to the default folder – “Downloads“. In this article we will show you how to change this directory. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to quickly open recently closed tabs in Safari on Mac – … Read more

How to control Mac from iPhone or iPad (lock, restart, shutdown, sound, browse files, play, etc.)

Your iPhone and Mac can interact with each other in different ways, this allows, for example, to start working on one device and easily switch to another, exchange the clipboard between them, receive phone calls and answer text messages on both. This compatibility looks incredible, but you can make it even better by using third-party … Read more

How to copy files from iCloud Drive to Google Drive and back to iPhone or iPad

All Apple devices operate under a single iCloud account associated with the user’s Apple ID. This allows you to save and sync your most important files with your Mac, iPhone or iPad through the cloud storage iCloud Drive. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to block all calls from unknown and hidden numbers on iPhone: 2 ways. … Read more

Hidden files on Mac: how to hide files and folders in macOS from strangers: 3 ways

Everyone probably knows that files or folders on a computer can be hidden. In Windows, it is enough to open the file properties and make it hidden. In macOS, you can also hide files and folders, but this is done in a slightly different way. This is what will be discussed in today’s article. ♥ … Read more

Features of the macOS Calendar, or how to schedule the launch of files or programs on a Mac at the right time

When you are going to a business meeting, be it an online conference, a phone meeting, or a face-to-face meeting, you will most likely need at least one document. In order not to forget it for sure, add the required file to “The calendar” on your Mac. ♥ BY TOPIC: Continuity: How to get started … Read more

How to recover files (photos, documents, contacts) deleted from iCloud

It’s strange that Apple does not advertise such important functions as data recovery, and the tools themselves are far from being visible. The mechanism for restoring content in iCloud works by analogy with that in the standard “Photos” application on iOS: deleted data will be stored on Apple servers more within 30 days… Next, the … Read more

Stacks in macOS, or how to organize files on your desktop into neat groups

Stacks is a great feature introduced in macOS Mojave that automatically cleans up your desktop by neatly organizing files into different groups on the side of the screen. To clear up a cluttered desktop, you can use stacks, and then use the grouping and sorting options to personalize the appearance of the stacks to your … Read more

How to open and edit Doc and Docx files on Mac without Microsoft Word (Office)

Even after you move to the macOS platform, you will be haunted by certain formats that are native to Windows PC. Until now, the corporate segment prefers Redmond Word as the main tool for working with text. In this article, we will tell you how to open DOCX documents on Mac without additional software. ♥ … Read more

How to automatically organize files in Windows: an overview of the best applications

If you try to find out the exact number of files on your computer, then their number will surprise you. System files, temporary, personal, multimedia, application libraries … The only way to cope with an overabundance of information is to organize it. Here are just so many files, how best to organize them in Windows … Read more

How to attach files to letters on iPhone from Yandex.Disk, iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Unlike computers, when working with e-mail on mobile devices, problems may arise with adding various files to the text of the message. Not all applications support this feature, but even with the release of iOS 9, the need for third-party software has disappeared. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to view photos and videos shot on an … Read more

How to add folders to Favorites in the Files app on iOS

Starting with iOS 11, you can easily manage your online documents on iPhone and iPad in various cloud storage services using the application “Files”. This application allows you to quickly access iCloud Drive, and, if desired, to Dropbox or Google Drive. ♥ BY TOPIC: Why does the iPhone delay the alarm for exactly 9 minutes? … Read more

How to drag and drop photos, text or files between applications on iPad

The drag and drop function became available for the iPad in iOS 11. Users have been waiting for this function for several years. Drag and drop allows you to select an element, for example, text, a photo or another type of file, and drag it from the original location to somewhere else. The potential of … Read more

Declutter Overview – Automatically Sort Files by Folder on Mac Desktop

Having Dock on macOS eliminates the many shortcuts to applications on the desktop. Often this does not apply to documents, multimedia files and other information that we clutter up the space with. This issue is solved by installing the useful Declutter utility, which we will cover in more detail in this article. Download Declutter for … Read more

How to download files, documents, videos and music to iPhone and iPad from the Internet

The issue of downloading and then saving documents and other files does not matter much if you are working on a computer or on a smartphone running Android. But with an iPhone or iPad, this is not the case. Apple is not very active in allowing iOS users to directly download files. But there are … Read more

Online audio editor, or how to cut, combine, apply effects, etc. for free to sound files

If you record podcasts, information courses, or just like to send funny audio recordings to your friends, sooner or later you will need an editor program. But which one to choose? Of course, the ideal choice is Audacity, Cubase, Adobe Audition, Apple Logic, or Avid Pro Tools. But they need to be installed on the … Read more

How to delete files from a USB flash drive or external drive on a Mac

To optimally use an external drive (hard drive, SSD, USB), you need to clean it from time to time, deleting unnecessary files. Yes, and disconnecting an external drive in macOS requires user attention. It turns out that this is not always a simple and trivial task. ♥ BY TOPIC: Mac for Dummies: 30 helpful macOS … Read more

How to transfer files (photos, videos, documents) from iPhone or iPad to Mac and vice versa

How to transfer files (photos, videos, documents) from iPhone or iPad to Mac and vice versa

All iPhone users know that the file system of this device cannot be directly accessed, as it works with Android or Windows. As a result, it will not be possible to manage all the files inside the device, except those that are allowed to access. This complicates the task of sharing files with other iOS … Read more