What the first logos of Apple, Playboy, Pepsi, Mercedes and other famous companies looked like

At one time, Steve Jobs did not skimp on a $ 100,000 fee for Paul Rand, the author of the brand identity of the newly minted company NeXT. After all, readiness for change is a wonderful quality, but the more successful the start, the longer they are not needed. A rewarding experience, illustrated by the … Read more

Famous quotes of Steve Jobs | Apple

Steve Jobs’s wit was expressed not only in his products, but also in his statements, which, apparently, will be remembered for centuries. Here is a list of the most effective and memorable statements by the creator of Apple, spoken throughout his entire tenure as CEO of the company: ♥ BY THEME: The largest video archive … Read more

What was the first work of Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Stephen King and other famous personalities

Donald Trump was entrusted with real estate from the very beginning, Stephen King worked in the laundry, Marissa Meyer introduced venture capital to romantics Sergey Brin and Larry Page, and Hillary Clinton gutted salmon in Alaska. There are no two paths to success that are the same – Business Insider has illustrated this with excerpts … Read more

27 famous words that come from surnames

It is no secret that our surnames most often have a completely understandable origin, being associated either with the occupation of our ancestors, or with their nickname, or with certain objects. And this practice exists in almost all languages. But sometimes the opposite situation occurs – a certain remarkable person gives a name to an … Read more