Euclidean Lands game – original strategy for iPhone and iPad in the spirit of Rubik’s cube

An exciting game has been added to the range of the App Store online catalog Euclidean Landswhich combines the incredible architecture of Monument Valley and the turn-based gameplay of Hitman Go. Download Euclidean Lands for iPhone and iPad (App Store) Users will play as a miniature warrior traveling through worlds consisting of three-dimensional levels, something … Read more

Review of the game Euclidean Skies for iPhone and iPad: an impressive puzzle adventure game with support for augmented reality

The game Euclidean Skies, that is, Euclidean Heavens, is a continuation of the rather successful puzzle Euclidean Lands (respectively, Euclidean Earths), which, in turn, combined the mechanics of the Rubik’s cube familiar to everyone from childhood and something similar to the turn-based strategy Hitman Go from Square Enix … As for the sequel, much more … Read more