How to find, download and change wallpapers on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Question “How to download and install new wallpapers?“One can often hear from newbies who have just recently acquired an iPhone or iPad. This problem becomes more relevant if there is an interesting image, either captured with a smartphone camera or sent by friends. By following the instructions below, you can easily set any picture you … Read more

Lossless (FLAC) and Dolby Atmos on Apple Music: How to Listen and Download

While users are discussing the new iOS 15 (installation instructions), which will become massively available only in the fall of 2021, Apple does not forget about the revision of the current version. So, with the release of the iOS 14.6 update, new features have appeared: in Apple Music you can now listen to music without … Read more

“Do you want to allow downloads”, or how to turn off the request to download files in Safari on Mac

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The latest version of iOS for iPhone and iPad: how to find out and where to download

iOS is the simplest operating system from the point of view of interaction with an inexperienced user, and this is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the iPhone and iPad among absolutely all categories of the population. Almost any user can solve problems that have arisen in the iOS software environment and … Read more

How to download Google Earth Earth Globe in 3D for Windows and Mac for free

Google earth (Google Earth) is one of the most significant projects of the “corporation of good”. A three-dimensional model of the globe right on your computer, photographs of real objects from many sources, 3D buildings … a great way to learn more about your planet! Since 2015 the paid version of the application Google earth … Read more

How to Download Music from Internet or Computer to iPhone and iPad without iTunes

No matter how ideal the developers would like to present the iOS mobile platform, it still has some drawbacks. There are also a number of flaws from the user point of view – for example, the system is completely closed. ♥ BY YOU: Tap iPhone Cover – Take a screenshot: How to bind actions to … Read more

How to download an all-time archive from Vkontakte with all photos, correspondence, a list of friends, etc.

The issue of privacy in social networks and messengers is becoming more acute every year. Vkontakte has the largest database of personal data of users in Russia and neighboring countries, and recently the social network allows everyone to get acquainted with the amount of compromising evidence accumulated on it. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to download … Read more

Where to see download status when copying files from Mac to iCloud Drive

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Themes for iPhone (new icons): how to change, where to download, how to make money on it

With the release of iOS 14, users got an interesting new opportunity – to change the design of icons, thereby creating their own themes. It is interesting that earlier Apple itself was very categorical about any attempts to customize the system. Moreover, users not only got the opportunity to create their own icons, but also … Read more

UEFA Champions League Anthem: download ringtone, lyrics and translation into Russian, plus interesting facts

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4K Video Downloader is a free program to download video and audio from YouTube, Facebook and other services

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How to download a video from VK (VKontakte) to an iPhone or iPad and watch without the Internet

The VKontakte social network is replete with video content for every taste – from films to music videos and concert recordings. If desired, the video can be downloaded to iPhone and iPad and then viewed offline (without the Internet). This is easy enough. ♥ BY TOPIC: Download Manager in Safari on iPhone and iPad: how … Read more

How to download books to iPhone or iPad for free and without a computer

application Books is not only a stock and free solution for iOS, but also one of the most advanced e-readers in the entire App Store. In this article, we will tell you how to download books into the corresponding application directly to the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad without a Mac / Windows computer and … Read more

Mac fonts (macOS): where to download, how to add (install) and remove

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How to download (save) podcasts on iPhone for listening without the Internet

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Mail on Mac: How to disable automatic download of attachments

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How to make, download and set your ringtone on iPhone

Creating and installing ringtones on iPhone is a pretty discussed topic for users of Apple smartphones. Many iPhone owners criticize the management of the Apple company for the promoted paid option to download ringtones through the iTunes Store’s iOS app. However, there is a classic free way to create and set ringtones officially authorized by … Read more

How to automatically clear download lists in Safari on Mac (macOS)

In the upper right corner of the standard macOS Safari browser there is a button “Downloads», Displaying the status of downloaded files and a list of completed downloads. In this article we will talk about the cleaning options for this list. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to disable or enable sound in Safari tabs on Mac … Read more

What Apple knows about each iPhone user and how to download this information.

As you know, Apple is very scrupulous in matters relating to the confidentiality of personal data of its customers. Apple does not inherit the examples of Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other companies, collecting a minimum of information about users. In addition, the company always honestly warns about the collection of information without hiding anything. In … Read more

How to download videos from Vkontakte, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Odnoklassniki to a computer: the best free services

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Download unused ones, or how to set up automatic removal of unnecessary applications on iPhone and iPad

Surely, every owner of an iPhone or iPad knows a problem when unused applications occupy an invaluable place on the phone. Fortunately, it’s practically “possible to forget about it” – starting with iOS 11, a feature has appeared in the Apple mobile operating system that will automatically delete unused programs. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to … Read more

How to download and play Doom (Doom) on a Windows or Mac computer for free

It seems that some games will never go out of style. A popular first-person action game called Doom was released back in 1993. Doom II generally became a cult game for many due to the multiplayer that appeared. Today, this series is still popular and recognizable. And numerous ports on different platforms allow you to … Read more

How to download files, documents, videos and music to iPhone and iPad from the Internet

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How to quickly convert video to download to the Internet on a Mac using Automator

The native Automator app on macOS can do a ton of tasks. Another thing is that to understand this, according to many, is difficult and long. In this article we will tell you how to use a ready-made Automator application to convert any video into a format suitable for uploading to the Internet in one … Read more

14 old-school iPhone games to download. This is nostalgia

14 old-school iPhone games to download. This is nostalgia

We already talked about 20 retro games that can be played on the iPhone and iPad. It’s time to replenish the list of rare applications and nostalgia. There are fewer such applications every year, but they look advantageous against the background of donation farms and the Apple Arcade service, in which, after the first wave … Read more