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All iPhone models from iPhone 12 can use the faster 5GHz Wi-Fi band to improve Tethering (hotspot) performance. But if your client devices are having problems
How long does it take for Google to delete an account if you don’t log in?
They say that life can only guarantee two inevitable things: death and taxes. It is difficult to argue with this, the first is inevitable, and the state
U, I, O, J, K, L, M (Г, Ш, Ш, О, L, D) keys don’t work on Mac, what should I do?
Have you noticed that not all buttons are pressed on the keyboard of your Mac (MacBook, iMac, Mac mini)? If only I, O, J, K, L, M (Г, Ш, Щ, О, Л, Д) “
How to learn to make a decision so you don’t regret it later
Forks are constantly encountered on our path in life. They give you the opportunity to make a certain decision and change your life, or leave everything the same.
Don’t look for the perfect partner, or 7 signs of a strong relationship you don’t need to end
Any girl dreams of a prince on a white horse, guys – of a beautiful princess. Of course, this is just a reference to fairy tales, life is much more prosaic.
8 words successful people don’t use
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Each of us is in a state of great anxiety from time to time. Neither meditative exercises nor yoga will help get rid of this. Entering the room and seeing
Do not wait for the foldable iPhone. You don’t need him
Do not wait for the foldable iPhone. You don’t need himAll Apple NEWS
Smartphones have stopped developing rapidly. A bar made of metal and glass has become an ideal form, it remains only to hide the camera under the display.
IOS has a notification issue. And they don’t solve it
IOS has a notification issue. And they don’t solve itAll Apple NEWS
Push notifications have become one of the best interface solutions that Apple has brought to the masses. Nearby are only a mouse and screens with multi-touch.