How to work with documents Word, Excel on iPhone and iPad

It happens that Word, Excel, Pages, Keynote and Numbers documents created on Windows or Mac require urgent corrections, and only an iPhone or iPad is at hand. How to provide for the possibility of editing documents, as well as their synchronization between all iOS devices and computers, we will tell in this material. ♥ BY … Read more

How to combine multiple PDF documents into one using Preview on macOS

Quite often, when preparing a report, presentation or other document that includes a number of separate fragments, it becomes necessary to combine various files – texts, tables, PDF documents, etc. This can be done both using special programs and standard macOS tools. ♥ BY THEME: How to change the default app to open files on … Read more

How to scan documents on iPhone and iPad without installing apps

In addition to convenient features such as file sharing in iCloud Drive, archiving or unzipping files, starting with iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, there is another great feature related to the app “Files“. You can scan documents directly from it to an iPhone or iPad and save them to the desired location. ♥ BY THEME: … Read more

Hidden folders and files in Windows 10: how to hide (show) photos, videos, documents, drives

Most operating systems do not consider it necessary to show all files to their users, for the sake of their safety at least. In Windows, you can also hide not only files, but also folders, and even entire disks. This trick is regularly used by advanced users. If initially the function was a systemic function … Read more

Templates (duplicates) of documents on Mac, or how to protect the original files from changes

Function Template offers a handy way to simplify your workflow if you use document templates on Mac all the time. In fact, this functionality “forces” the parent application to open a copy of the file by default, ensuring the safety of the original document. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to create an HTML picture signature for … Read more

Autosave in Word (Microsoft Word): how to set up and restore documents correctly

Many Word users have faced an unpleasant problem – this text editor may close unexpectedly, either by itself or due to a restart of the operating system. But what happens to the text that you haven’t saved in time? Fortunately, Word has a built-in autosave feature. Many users do not know about it or do … Read more

How to recover files (photos, documents, contacts) deleted from iCloud

It’s strange that Apple does not advertise such important functions as data recovery, and the tools themselves are far from being visible. The mechanism for restoring content in iCloud works by analogy with that in the standard “Photos” application on iOS: deleted data will be stored on Apple servers more within 30 days… Next, the … Read more

How to take photos on the iPhone from top to bottom (for example, paper documents)

A lot of potentially good shots were ruined only due to the fact that the photographer was looking at the subject from above, could not align the image, and as a result the photo turned out to be “skewed”. Let’s solve this problem once and for all! And it’s not a cool “tripod” that will … Read more

PDF online: the best free services for working with PDF documents on the Internet

There are many desktop applications that allow you to work with PDF-documents. However, not everyone knows that converting, editing and performing other actions with PDF files can also be done online. In this article we will tell you how to work with “pdfs” on the Internet, and introduce a number of useful web applications. Services … Read more

How to download files, documents, videos and music to iPhone and iPad from the Internet

The issue of downloading and then saving documents and other files does not matter much if you are working on a computer or on a smartphone running Android. But with an iPhone or iPad, this is not the case. Apple is not very active in allowing iOS users to directly download files. But there are … Read more

How to scan documents on Mac using iPhone instead of scanner

How to scan documents on Mac using iPhone instead of scanner

It is likely that you are already using your iPhone or iPad to scan documents and save them in the application “Notes” or Files. Then, the received files can be easily transferred to the Mac and edited already on the computer. With the release of macOS Mojave, Apple’s desktop operating system has the ability to … Read more

How to transfer files (photos, videos, documents) from iPhone or iPad to Mac and vice versa

How to transfer files (photos, videos, documents) from iPhone or iPad to Mac and vice versa

All iPhone users know that the file system of this device cannot be directly accessed, as it works with Android or Windows. As a result, it will not be possible to manage all the files inside the device, except those that are allowed to access. This complicates the task of sharing files with other iOS … Read more

The file manager for iPhone and iPad, what it should be: a review of Documents by Readdle

The file manager for iPhone and iPad, what it should be: a review of Documents by Readdle

It took Apple almost ten years to finally teach its iPhone and iPad how to work with files. This happened, thanks to the emergence of the standard application Files in iOS 11. At the same time, an enterprising third-party developer from Odessa was creating his own application for working with files. As a result, this … Read more