Ideal weight for women and men: how to determine with medical formulas: 5 methods

Ideal weight is often referred to as the one you had at the age of 18. And then we can try to save it. But over the next 15-20 years, people usually deviate significantly from the ideal. Is it worth it to make sacrifices and be sure to return to the previous parameters? The realization … Read more

How to quickly calculate the total bill for all guests on Apple Watch and determine the tip

With the release of iOS 13 and watchOS 6, Apple Watch has a built-in calculator app carried over from iOS, as well as some handy new features. For example, the calculator in Apple Watch allows you to instantly split bills and determine tips, and we will tell you about this useful feature. ON THIS TOPIC: … Read more

Carat is how many grams, or how to determine the weight of a gem and the fineness of gold in carats

In ancient times, grains of various plants were mainly used as units of mass measurement for jewelry. Today we use more convenient designations, but even the word “carat” comes from the name of the carob tree, the seeds of which also served to determine the value of a stone or pearl. ♥ BY TOPIC: BelAZ-75710: … Read more