How to customize the Finder toolbar on Mac (macOS)

Many Mac applications have a toolbar, a gray bar at the top of the screen with various buttons and a search bar. A similar panel is available in Safari, Mail, iWork applications (Pages, Numbers, Keynote), and the system’s Finder file manager. The buttons located on it provide quick access to the most frequently used program … Read more

How to properly customize the Finder sidebar on Mac

Finder for Mac is absolutely essential. This handy tool lets you access all files, folders, and programs stored on macOS. Learning how to properly set up the Finder will greatly improve your efficiency. ♥ BY THEME: How to automatically empty the Trash on Mac (macOS). The Finder sidebar lets you conveniently browse folders, drives, and … Read more

How to enable, disable and customize notifications on iPhone and iPad

If, due to your inexperience, when launching each new application, you always allowed programs and games to send notifications, then after a few days or weeks you probably had a desire to at least half of the flow of annoying messages. Not only are they distracting, they also drain the battery faster. In this article, … Read more

How to customize the System Preferences app interface on Mac (macOS)

Just like a native app Settings in iOS, program System settings in macOS allows you to customize the operating system as you wish. The user can, for example, change the size and position of the Dock, choose a desktop background, set the time according to time zones, customize the keyboard, mouse, trackpad, and much more. … Read more

macOS Big Sur: How to customize the Dock and menu bar?

If you’ve already installed macOS Big Sur (in-depth review), you are probably still enjoying the new look and improved features. But beyond the redesign, macOS needs to be as efficient as possible. At the very least, this would require a convenient use of the Dock and menu bar. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to customize Control … Read more

Notes Tables on iPhone, iPad, and Mac (macOS): How to create and customize

With the release of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra 10.13 in the app “Notes” A new useful feature has appeared – tables. For some cases, sections and lists are not suitable, and here tables come to the rescue. If you still haven’t had to use this feature, check out the step-by-step instructions below. ♥ … Read more

Overview PopClip – a convenient menu of actions “like in iOS” on macOS with the ability to customize

A long tap on any text element in iOS leads to the opening of an auxiliary menu with which you can copy, paste, cut or perform some other useful action. The feature is definitely useful and convenient, so why not port it to the Mac? With PopClip, this is possible. ♥ BY TOPIC: Hidden Bar … Read more