How to create an email in Gmail

Google Gmail is one of the most popular free email services, offering many convenient features, including massive storage, spam blocking, and more. If you’ve never used Gmail before, we’ll show you how to create an account in the instructions below. in the service, change the password or delete unnecessary messages. How to register with … Read more

Tenda 4G03 or how to create a Wi-Fi hotspot from 3G / 4G (LTE) Internet

In addition to classic routers, which Tenda has its own line, there is also a special class of devices on the market. Their distinguishing feature is the ability to use the mobile Internet as a source. Given the potential 4G LTE speeds, this might not be any worse option than traditional cable providers offer. ♥ … Read more

How to create reminders with notifications in Telegram

At one time, paper diaries became a real salvation for business people, where they could enter and plan tasks. Since then, everything has changed a lot – today this task is taken on by numerous mobile applications. In addition to the reminders built into modern operating systems, dozens of scheduling programs, reminders and various motivators … Read more

Generator QR codes “VKontakte”, or how to create cool QR codes with your own design

QR codes are remarkable in that they only need a couple of taps to transfer a link, Wi-Fi settings, text, coordinates, or an event. ♥ BY THEME: What QR codes the iPhone camera can read: 10 examples of use. The company has its own service for creating QR codes and VKontakte. You can create them … Read more

3D Stereo Pictures: How to Create Online for Free

Many people loved to look at stereoscopic pictures in childhood / adolescence, which were hidden in an abstract lurid background on the covers of diaries, calendars and magazines. It is noteworthy that even today many people are seriously fond of creating such images, and with the help of a couple of free services, literally everyone … Read more

How to create an icon for shutting down / restarting a computer in Windows

Shutting down your Windows computer is pretty quick – in Windows 10 it only takes three clicks. But why do unnecessary actions every day, because you can simplify them a little. All you have to do is create a shortcut to turn off your computer. Thus, you will be able to save your time. ♥ … Read more

How to quickly create a folder based on selected files on Mac (macOS)

macOS has always differed from its “window” counterpart by much more ergonomic interface. For example, on Windows, the action “create a folder and move the selected files there” is not as convenient as on a Mac. ♥ BY TOPIC: Finder on Mac (macOS): 9 helpful tips. One of the features of the standard macOS Finder … Read more

Medical card in iPhone: what is it for, how to create and use it in case of emergency

Thanks to the Healthkit and ResearchKit software platform, the iPhone can collect important information from apps and devices that track user activity. In this article we will tell you how to use the application “Health»With maximum efficiency, so that in the event of a critical situation, the collected data is useful. ♥ BY TOPIC: How … Read more

How to create a shortcut to a specific section of Settings on the iOS home screen

Any mobile operating system is doomed to constant evolution or extinction and oblivion. iOS is used by millions of people. Not surprisingly, new features and functions are constantly emerging in this system. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to add a voice alert when iPhone or iPad is charging. Usually we go to “Settings” to change certain … Read more

How to create and edit YouTube video subtitles

YouTube has long outgrown the scope of conventional video hosting. Videos posted there can also be edited, which not everyone knows about. In particular, the addition of subtitles is available. Moreover, YouTube Creative Studio offers several different ways to solve this problem. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to save subtitles from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or VK … Read more

How to create a shortcut (icon) for a website or web link on the iPhone or iPad home screen

We each have our own favorite web pages. We open them often – and of course we want to do it as quickly as possible. A great way to do this is to display a dedicated shortcut icon for the site on your home screen. We will describe how to do this below. Let’s make … Read more

macOS Big Sur: How to Create and Edit Mimoji in iMessage

If you are a fan of Mimoji and constantly send funny faces from both iPhone and Apple Watch (there this opportunity appeared in watchOS 7), then with the release of macOS Big Sur this opportunity has appeared for Mac users. ♥ BY TOPIC: Notification Center in macOS Big Sur. How to invoke, configure and optimize. … Read more

Windows “con” folder: why can’t I create a directory with this name?

Not everyone likes the Windows operating system. How else to explain such a large number of macOS and Linux users? There are a lot of awkward and sometimes even strange things in Window. For example, in this system, for some reason, you cannot create a folder named “con”. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to disable Windows … Read more

How to create reminders that are triggered when a specific person is typing a message on iPhone, iPad and Mac?

With the Reminders app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, you can receive notifications when you chat with someone in the Messages app. This will ensure that you don’t forget about an important reminder associated with that person. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to add a voice alert when iPhone or iPad is charging. Function requirements The … Read more

How to create custom widgets on iPhone using the Widgetsmith app

With the release of iOS 14, Apple has significantly expanded the functionality of widgets on the iPhone, and also allowed you to create your own skins. This has led to the rapid flooding of the App Store with third-party apps that help users customize the iOS home screen. In this article we will talk about … Read more

How to create tables with functions and formulas in Numbers on Mac like Excel

Are you using Numbers on your Mac to track, log, modify, and analyze data? You may not know, but this application offers several built-in tools to help you better process data. With Numbers, you can completely ditch the calculator and stop wasting time on manual work. We’ll try to show you how to use formulas … Read more

Hidden correspondence on iPhone: how to create a secret chat without using instant messengers

Nobody wants outsiders to know about the contents of the secret letter. Moreover, not everyone wants to advertise the very fact of their correspondence. But iOS and iPadOS already have the required tools to hide their email communications. These systems will help make sure that no one knows about your correspondence. ♥ BY TOPIC: Tap … Read more

How to create a Gif from any YouTube video without using special programs

Today, video is one of the most popular types of content, and the most capacious storage of it is YouTube. Regardless of whether you use this resource to watch funny videos or prefer to watch historical programs, for sure at least once you have had a desire to create an animated gif image from the … Read more

How to create a handy checklist (checklist) in Excel so you don’t forget anything

Excel is a pretty handy tool with extensive functionality. Many applications offer the ability to create different lists, but why use other programs if you have Excel? ♥ BY TOPIC: Exposure of focus in the “Camera” iPhone: setting and fixing. How to create a handy checklist (checklist) in Excel Below we show how to create … Read more

Notes Tables on iPhone, iPad, and Mac (macOS): How to create and customize

With the release of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra 10.13 in the app “Notes” A new useful feature has appeared – tables. For some cases, sections and lists are not suitable, and here tables come to the rescue. If you still haven’t had to use this feature, check out the step-by-step instructions below. ♥ … Read more

Levitagram, or how to create a photo on the iPhone with the effect of levitation (flight)

IPhone lovers can find a lot of useful programs on the App Store with which you can take really interesting pictures. Moreover, for this often you do not need to deal with the complex functionality of powerful editors, but rather install an easy-to-use application. Download Levitagram for iPhone and iPad (App Store) How to create … Read more

Archiver for Mac (macOS): how to create and open archives, which programs to use

If you need to send several files by mail, then compressing them into a ZIP archive will help reduce their size and number. It’s easier to send one file than several. Sometimes even multiple folders are required to be archived. Fortunately, the Mac has a built-in solution for this. The same tool will also be … Read more

How to create flowcharts of algorithms and diagrams for free and without installing applications: 7 best online services

Flowcharts are certainly not something you think about every day, but there are situations where they are simply irreplaceable. For example, flowcharts are useful for streamlining your workflow or planning your free time. Currently, there are a number of convenient applications for creating flowcharts (so-called flowcharts) for various operating systems, but sometimes it is more … Read more

How to create a double in the photo (clone objects) on the iPhone

Surely every lover of photography has repeatedly seen pictures in which the same object is captured in different positions. To achieve such an effect, it is not necessary to have editing skills and use complex editors; just install a simple application on your iPhone or iPad. Download ClonErase Camera for iPhone and iPad (App Store) … Read more

How to create a bootable USB flash drive with Windows 10 from macOS

How to create a bootable USB flash drive with Windows 10 from macOS

Windows is more cranky and less stable than macOS from Apple. The openness of the OS, the lack of an integrated backup system and a large number of malware often lead to the need to reinstall Windows. If you have a second Windows computer at hand, creating a bootable USB flash drive will not be … Read more

How to create signatures for each individual e-mail in Mail on Mac (macOS) and use them

How to create signatures for each individual e-mail in Mail on Mac (macOS) and use them

Nowadays, most users have multiple email addresses. One may be personal, the second – a worker, the third – for newsletters or something like that. Therefore, if you need to generate an email from a specific account or reply to a message, you are quite capable of saving some time by using signatures.   Facebook … Read more