What the first logos of Apple, Playboy, Pepsi, Mercedes and other famous companies looked like

At one time, Steve Jobs did not skimp on a $ 100,000 fee for Paul Rand, the author of the brand identity of the newly minted company NeXT. After all, readiness for change is a wonderful quality, but the more successful the start, the longer they are not needed. A rewarding experience, illustrated by the … Read more

You probably do not know the first names of companies Sony, Google, Ebay, Nintendo, Megafon, Firefox, etc.

We have long been accustomed to the fact that the names of famous brands have become part of our vocabulary. People google every day in search of information, knock on the cart, play the curling iron. However, the offer to use a backcracker or purchase the latest marafucka will at least cause confusion. Is this … Read more

When There Was No YouTube: Apple’s 12 Best Print Ads Companies of Yesterday

Apple has a reputation for having some of the best ads in the world. Apple knows not only how to create unique products for consumers, but also how to sell them to customers better than any other company on the planet. Apple has had some incredible advertisements over the past four decades. ♥ BY TOPIC: … Read more

5 companies that Apple bought. Their technology is used in our iPhone.

5 companies that Apple bought. Their technology is used in our iPhone.

Look at your iPhone: there are so many technologies and inventions from other companies that we don’t even know about! Did you know that Apple has bought more than 50 companies to use their experience in their gadgets? Yes, if it were not for these purchases, we would never have seen iPhones with an A12 … Read more