How to combine multiple PDF documents into one using Preview on macOS

Quite often, when preparing a report, presentation or other document that includes a number of separate fragments, it becomes necessary to combine various files – texts, tables, PDF documents, etc. This can be done both using special programs and standard macOS tools. ♥ BY THEME: How to change the default app to open files on … Read more

How to find and combine duplicate contacts from iPhone Phonebook on macOS without installing programs

How do we work with the address book, where all our contacts are stored (phones, names, notes, etc.)? In most cases – how God puts on the soul. As a result – no organization, a lot of unnecessary and, most offensively, duplicating contacts. How to restore order? If you use your iPhone in conjunction with … Read more

Online audio editor, or how to cut, combine, apply effects, etc. for free to sound files

If you record podcasts, information courses, or just like to send funny audio recordings to your friends, sooner or later you will need an editor program. But which one to choose? Of course, the ideal choice is Audacity, Cubase, Adobe Audition, Apple Logic, or Avid Pro Tools. But they need to be installed on the … Read more