DISCOUNT (579p → 379p) Eggggg game for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV: colorful nausea platformer not for the faint of heart

Eggggg is a nausea-driven mobile adventure platformer developed by Norwegian studio Hyper Games. The game is based on the movie “Gilbert’s Terrible Revenge” and tells about the adventures of young Gilbert in the world of evil cyborg chickens. Download Eggggg for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV (App Store) The main character is unlucky in life … Read more

Review of the game Umiro for iPhone and iPad: colorful adventure puzzle

Devolver Digital’s Umiro for iOS is a short but interesting puzzle game with a pleasing visual style and a simple story. Download Umiro for iPhone and iPad (App Store) Everyone has had this. Here you go to overturn a glass or two, after going over it, you turn off, and wake up in a foreign … Read more

Lumino City is a colorful and original puzzle game for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Lumino city Is a puzzle adventure that is the sequel to the original game Lume. The development of the project lasted for three years. The visual component is hand-made decorations made of cardboard, wood and miniature light bulbs. Download Lumino City for iPhone and iPad (App Store)Download Lumino City for macOS (Mac App Store) The … Read more

Broken Age is a quality colorful adventure game for iOS, Mac and Apple TV

The name of Tim Schaefer is known to any gambling addict. A native of LucasArts, who opened his studio Double Fine, often pleases fans of non-trivial games with his own products. Released in January 2014 Broken Age has gained popularity all over the world. The game is available for both iPhone and iPad and Mac … Read more

DISCOUNT (399p → 99p) Samorost 3 Review: A colorful puzzle adventure game for iPhone, iPad and Mac from the creators of Machinarium

The first “progenitors” of quests appeared in the early 1970s, when programmer William Crowther developed a program called Colossal Cave Adventure for the PDP-10 computer. The adventure genre became especially popular in the 80s and 90s, but over time, interest in it began to fade. However, thanks to the efforts of talented game studios such … Read more

DISCOUNT (379r → 149r) Heroki game review for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV – a colorful adventure platform game from SEGA

Heroki – An incredibly beautiful adventure platformer for the iPhone and iPad from the publisher SEGA. The game tells about the adventures of a small man named Heroki with a propeller on his head, which is supposed to save the inhabitants of the heavenly village of Levantia from the machinations of the evil Dr. N. … Read more

DISCOUNT (229р → 0р) Towaga game for iPhone and iPad is a complex colorful shooter about the struggle between good and evil

Just the other day, a new shooter from the young Swiss studio Sunnyside Games was released on the App Store. Called new Towaga, and it arouses interest with its unusual design and nice graphics. Download Towaga for iPhone and iPad (App Store) In general, this is an exemplary representative of the Shoot’em up genre – … Read more