TeraBox: 1 TB free cloud

Each of us gradually acquires certain information throughout our lives. And modern digital technologies only increase its volume. If earlier we kept commemorative films on one shelf, tapes and reels of audio on the other, and family photos on the third, now all this is perfectly coexisting in a computer. Moreover, even portable drives have … Read more

Yandex.Telephony, or how to set up a virtual “cloud” number for an individual or company

Yandex.Telephony virtual PBX will help to cope with the flow of calls and organize teamwork. The service can be used by freelancers, startups and other users for whom constant communication with clients is important. Yandex.Telephony allows you to respond to customers in the office and anywhere else. What is “Virtual PBX” Virtual PBX – a … Read more

How to get free unlimited Yandex.Disk cloud for storing photos from iPhone and iPad

Surely everyone at least once faced a lack of memory on an iPhone or iPad. In this case, you have to choose which photos and videos you can donate for free space. However, victims can be avoided by storing photos not on the device, but in the cloud storage. But even such storages, as they … Read more