Apple Watch activity rings: what do they mean and how do I close them?

Today, all technology strives to be smart. Smart functions have long been settled in our phones, today a modern person cannot imagine his life without an advanced assistant in the form of a watch. Moreover, they help to monitor activity and health, and not only provide convenient and easy access to time indication and notifications. … Read more

How to automatically close Safari tabs on iPhone and iPad after a certain time

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How to close all open applications on Mac (macOS) in one click

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The program freezes in macOS: how to close, 5 ways

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The program freezes on Mac, how to force close (end the process): 3 ways

If an application freezes on your Mac, you must force it to quit. This will help you quickly close the program or restart it, avoiding rebooting the entire macOS system. In this article, we’ll cover all the main ways to force quit apps and background processes on a Mac. There are three main ways to … Read more

Quitter, or how to automatically close or minimize unused applications on Mac (macOS)

When working on a Mac, you probably launch a whole bunch of applications, and of course you forget to close them, which directly affects productivity (a bunch of distracting windows + switching between them noticeably slows down) and system performance (minimized or hidden program also consumes Mac resources) , and not for the better. ♥ … Read more

How on macOS to close Google Chrome without holding ⌘ + Q

Mac users using the Google Chrome browser can already get used to the useful keyboard shortcut. If you want to completely close the browser, then you need to press and hold ⌘ + Q. The application itself recommends using this combination, since this makes it possible to completely stop its operation and close it. ♥ … Read more

How to close (unload) an application on iPhone or iPad and whether to do it

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Why it is not necessary to close (unload) applications on iPhone and iPad from the multitasking panel

Why it is not necessary to close (unload) applications on iPhone and iPad from the multitasking panel

Until brands take up the issue of drastically increasing the active time of smartphones, ordinary gadget owners will be interested in all kinds of popular tips. One of them says that the application is not enough to close, it is also necessary to unload it from the iOS memory. That’s what we’ll talk about. ♥ … Read more