Continuity Camera, or How to Take Photos on Mac with iPhone Camera

Starting with macOS Mojave, Apple’s desktop operating system has a useful new feature called Continuity Camera (Camera Continuity), designed for taking photos or scanning documents using the iPhone or iPad camera. In this case, the photos automatically appear in the document on the Mac. This happens without the need to additionally sync devices or manually … Read more

Motorcycle breaks iPhone camera – Apple

In September 2021, an article appeared in the device support section of the Apple website that will certainly attract the attention of motorcyclists. The document states that powerful vibrations generated by motorcycle engines can negatively affect the performance of iPhone cameras. ♥ BY THEME: How to turn on flash (flashlight) on calls and notifications on … Read more

Camera mileage Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony: how to find out?

Cameras are far from the most popular commodity today. Nevertheless, this type of technology is gradually being replaced by more universal, albeit not so high-quality in terms of capabilities, smartphones. And while the primary camera market is stagnating, there are many interesting offers on the secondary market. But the purchase of such a complex product … Read more

Where do the green or yellow dots come from in the iPhone camera photo and how to remove them?

You may have come across the fact that a photo of a beautiful sunset captured on your iPhone suddenly turns out to be spoiled by a noticeable green or yellow dot. It spoils the whole impression of the landscape. ♥ BY THEME: How to take RAW photos on iPhone and iPad (without losing quality). This … Read more

A cloudy camera on an iPhone (front or main) or why the optics stopped focusing

The camera is one of the most demanded modules of any modern smartphone, so the problems with it are especially upsetting for users. At the same time, complex electronics and optics are practically not amenable to serious repair, but, fortunately, in most cases, the deterioration in the quality of images occurs for easily eliminated reasons. … Read more

EZVIZ TY2 Review: Rotatable Wi-Fi Camera

At one time, webcams were a breakthrough technology. Today, not a single smart home can do without them. These devices provide reliable protection day and night. But life makes cameras evolve. These are no longer just “eyes” with low resolution and fixed focus. EZVIZ has created a simple, inexpensive, but at the same time advanced … Read more

Which Smartphone Has the Best Camera in 2021 – Top 15

Engineering thought has reached a ceiling – further improvement of cameras is objectively impossible without a radical change in the design of the smartphone itself. All flagship models are equipped with almost perfect, from a technical point of view, modules and in order to determine the winner, you will have to go an alternative way. … Read more

Best Free Translator for iPhone: No Internet (Offline), Camera Translation, Talk Mode

A few decades ago, the language barrier significantly limited the communication of people from different countries with each other, but today, in the era of globalization and the development of technology, cultural differences can be partially leveled by software methods. Download Google Translate for iPhone and iPad (App Store) A bit of history Machine translation … Read more

IPhone 12 camera repair: what happens if you install a non-original camera

Every Apple smartphone undergoes rigorous testing. Nevertheless, the manufacturer guarantees high quality standards. This is what allows the iPhone to work quickly and smoothly. The smartphone camera is an important part of the system. This module provides responsive autofocus, captures portraits with bokeh and depth control, and helps to apply portrait lighting effects. ♥ BY … Read more

What QR codes the iPhone camera recognizes: 10 use cases

Starting with iOS 11, iPhones and iPads received QR code scanner support in the Camera app. Perhaps the functionality will not seem so important to someone, nevertheless, you can find many useful ways of using it. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to enable the one-handed keyboard on iPhone for typing on the go. HomeKit Typically, when … Read more

What is HDR, Auto HDR and Smart HDR in an iPhone camera, should it be turned on, and how does it affect photo quality

Smart HDR is, as the name suggests, similar to normal HDR, but smarter. This feature first appeared on the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR in 2018. It takes full advantage of all camera sensors, the power of the A12 Bionic neural chip, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision and the latest advances … Read more

ProRAW in the iPhone 12 Pro camera: what it is, how to turn it on, use it + sample photos

Until recently, iPhones were able to shoot by default in JPEG, which is said to be most compatible, and HEIF, which is highly efficient. But iOS 14.3 for iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max brings the long-awaited Apple ProRAW… Experts consider the introduction of this format a huge step forward in the creation … Read more

Camera sound in iPhone: how to enable or disable when taking a photo

As iPhone owners have probably noticed, when taking photos, the camera is accompanied by a characteristic sound. Many users do not pay attention to this sound, but sometimes there are situations when such “musical accompaniment” can interfere with others, for example, when you need to photograph a lot of documents in a small office space … Read more

How to control the iPhone camera (photos and videos) from your Apple Watch: an overview of all the possibilities

Of course, current Apple Watch models do not have a camera. However, you can use the wearable device as a remote control to capture the perfect photo from your iPhone. Apple Watch has a built-in Camera application that allows you to control an iPhone located at a distance, taking a picture from it. ♥ BY … Read more

Focus Exposure in iPhone Camera: Adjustment and Fixation

Starting with iOS 8, iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets have been able to manually control the level of exposure when shooting photos and videos. This means that while taking pictures, you can easily add light or shadows. ♥ BY TOPIC: Levitagram, or how to create a photo on the iPhone with the effect of levitation … Read more

How to prevent saving photos and videos from Instagram to Camera Roll on iPhone

Any Instagram user knows that iOS has the functionality to save every photo taken for the service and published. However, not for everyone this opportunity seems useful and necessary. For iPhone users who want to opt out of storing Instagram photos locally, this guide will help. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to unsubscribe from a person … Read more