How to make an emergency call to emergency services using Apple Watch

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How to automatically answer a call on an iPhone (pick up the phone)

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How to Call Directly from Mac Using iPhone

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If your hands are busy: how to automatically transfer an incoming iPhone call to speakerphone

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How to quickly call the last dialed number on iPhone without opening the Recents tab

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How to quickly call your favorite numbers on iPhone: a way you might not be aware of

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How the word “Hello” appeared, and what they say, taking a phone call in other countries

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How to organize a video call or video conference: 5 useful tips

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How to call from an iPhone to an extension by dialing it right away: hidden features that you might not have known about

How to call from an iPhone to an extension by dialing it right away: hidden features that you might not have known about

Many of us have been in situations where, when contacting any company or institution, we need to contact the necessary specialists or departments by the extension number. In this article, we will talk about the hidden features of the iPhone, making it easier to make calls to an extension number. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to … Read more

Notification Center on macOS. How to call, configure and optimize

Notification Center on macOS. How to call, configure and optimize

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