Hidden calculator, or how to use Siri to solve examples on iPhone and iPad

The voice assistant Siri is well known to iPhone and iPad owners, but not everyone uses its capabilities to the maximum. As a rule, only basic Siri functions are very popular – often we ask the assistant to set a reminder or alarm. Another basic function is a calculator, but for some reason few people … Read more

How to quickly open Calculator on Mac (macOS)?

With the release of macOS Big Sur, the Notification Center widgets have also been updated, which allow you to quickly access, for example, viewing the weather, exchange rates, calendar, world time, etc. Tragically, Apple has removed the calculator widget that many users have been using. How to replace it? ♥ BY THEME: How to change … Read more

“Calculator” on iPhone: hidden features of a standard iOS application

“Calculator” is one of the system applications in iOS, to which the owners of “Apple” smartphones, for the most part, practically do not pay attention. For those who deal with constant calculations and calculations, the mobile calculator serves rather as an emergency replacement, but for other users the application is a good help in certain … Read more

How to calculate interest: from the amount, number, on a loan, on a calculator, on an iPhone

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How to use macOS Calculator as a converter for currencies, lengths, masses, and more

Do you want to make a currency operation – change euros, dollars for rubles, or vice versa, acquire foreign currency? You can “ask the price” for the courses … through Calculator your his Mac! Yes, yes, he also has such a feature, and the course is quite relevant to itself and is regularly updated. We … Read more

Calculator on Mac: how to view calculation history

For those who often use the standard macOS calculator and need to constantly display all the mathematical operations performed, there is a very cool function that displays the calculation ribbon. Read about how to enable and use it in this material. The Tape of Calculations is a kind of history of all calculations performed on … Read more