How to listen to Apple Music in a browser on Windows (or Mac) computer

The popular streaming service Apple Music doesn’t just run on iPhones and iPads. You can also listen to music on Apple Watch, Apple TV set-top box, as well as computers running macOS and Windows. In this post, we will share two official ways to allow you to use Apple Music subscription on computer. ON THIS … Read more

How to include YouTube lyrics next to a clip in any browser on your computer

Sometimes, when listening to songs of domestic artists, it is quite difficult to make out some of the words; there is nothing to say about foreign artists. Thanks to the expansion Lyrics Here for Google Chrome (and other browsers) on a computer, you no longer have to use search engines to “decrypt” a song you … Read more

How to choose and set a wallpaper on the start page of the Safari browser on macOS

Along with the release of the version of macOS, called Big Sur, many standard applications of the operating system received improvements. For example, the Safari browser, which is the main working tool for many users, received an important update in the form of its version 14. Moreover, this already changed product with its own improvements … Read more

How to enable Shazam directly in the browser on your computer + view the TOP-200 most popular songs

Music identification service Shazam is not looking to lose its popularity. Still, the function was initially in demand, and since its inception, nothing has changed – millions of people still want to understand what kind of music they hear. In 2017, this service was acquired by Apple, which allowed it to better integrate with the … Read more

10 keyboard shortcuts for YouTube in your computer browser you didn’t know about

Youtube everyone loves – but not everyone is aware of the existence of “hot keys” that make watching videos much more convenient. The keys work with any video file and anywhere – both on YouTube and on any web page on the web. The best shortcuts are listed below. ♥ BY TOPIC: 70 interesting facts … Read more

How to make Chrome, Yandex or Firefox the default browser on Mac

In versions of OS X before Yosemite, there was one small oddity – to make any non-Safari product the default browser, you first had to go … to Safari, and already there convey to Apple your decision. Starting with macOS 10.10, this flaw has been fixed, and the corresponding option has moved to where it … Read more

Gmail archive: how to find it and get an email from it on iPhone or in a browser

Google’s postal service is the most popular in the world, but a rare user delves into the structure of its interface, using only a few functions. At the same time, questions often arise related to the archiving of letters, which the service produces by default without the consent of the mailbox owner. ♥ BY TOPIC: … Read more

How to delete cookies in Yandex browser, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari

Users are very ambiguous about HTTP files with the “sweet” name of cookies (“cookie” in English means “cookie”). The fact is that with their help advertisers (and not only) can track your activity on the Internet. ♥ BY TOPIC: Equalizer: Add bass (bass) when listening to music on iPhone and iPad. However, cookies also automate … Read more

Vector online editor: 8 of the best free browser alternatives Adobe Illustrator

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How to record sound on a Mac (from iTunes, browser, movie, game, applications, etc.): 2 ways

If you need to record the audio stream from a video player, any application, or the Chrome and Safari browser, then know that you can not do this using standard means of the macOS operating system. But you can easily add such functionality on a Mac using third-party software. After that, you can record sound … Read more

How to transfer bookmarks and browser history from Google Chrome to Safari on Mac

Often we have to use different browsers depending on the operating system of the working device. The smartphone can work on Android, at work – a computer with Windows, and at home – MacBook. And sometimes even on the same computer for certain reasons you have to work with different browsers. ♥ BY TOPIC: How … Read more