Bitcoin exchange rate: how to look at the iPhone in the Promotions application

In 2016, the cryptocurrency market noticeably reeled after the so-called “halving” of the main digital coin – bitcoin, but today virtual money has not only returned, but also increased its popularity. In this article, we will tell you how to track the rate fluctuations of the three most popular cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin) from … Read more

Bitcoin vs Ethereum: What’s the Difference Between Cryptocurrencies

At one time, it seemed that cryptocurrencies were something fashionable and fleeting. Someone invested in them and managed to get rich, but many bite their elbows, having suffered a financial collapse. Today we can state that this phenomenon has already become an integral part of life. Cryptocurrencies make money, they pay with them, and someone … Read more

How to view exchange rates: ruble, dollar, hryvnia, euro, bitcoin in the Promotions application on iPhone

Native application Promotions in iOS, it is probably quite in demand in the United States and other Western countries in the form in which it is present by default, but the domestic average user does not need the value of shares of international corporations. But this does not mean that the application should uselessly take … Read more