The Frostrune game for iPhone, iPad and Mac – a fascinating quest based on Scandinavian mythology
The frostrune Is a point-and-click game based on Viking myths and legends. This gorgeous project from the Norwegian developer Grimnir and Snow Cannon Games
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The Apple Watch is a very enjoyable and useful accessory in which audible notifications play an important role. True, you don’t always need to hear them.
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To change the wallpaper on the lock screen or iPhone home screen, you must launch the Settings app. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to automatically
New in iOS 14: How to check all your hacked passwords right in iOS on iPhone (based on stolen passwords)
Each new iOS update brings not only new features, but also improvements to existing ones. IOS 14 is no exception, which focuses on security issues.
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Operating systems have become so smart that they have learned to adjust the operation of devices depending on conditions. With the release of watchOS 7 and iOS 14.
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DISCOUNT (229r → 29r) Braveland Pirate game review for iPhone and iPad – an exciting strategy based on King’s Bounty
Russian studio Tortuga Team two years ago released a strategy based on King’s Bounty called Braveland. The developers promised that in the future they