FaceTime audio or how to make free calls from iPhone or iPad

For a long time, the function Facetime in iOS is a popular and very convenient means of communication. Many users appreciated the opportunity to make video calls to their families and friends around the world for free. However, do not forget that in addition to the video, Facetime also implemented the function of audio calls. … Read more

How to disable autoplay of video and audio on sites in Safari on Mac

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Editing Live Photos on iPhone: How to Apply Effects, Remove Audio and Crop

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Songs on the contrary or Apogee on iPhone: an overview of the programs of a popular audio game for a fun company

From 2004 to 2012, a fairly popular show “Good Jokes” was aired on the STS TV channel, one of the most interesting fragments of which each time was the “APOZH” round with the host Alexander Pushny. You can recall the format and play a similar game with friends using special programs for iPhone and iPad, … Read more

4K Video Downloader is a free program to download video and audio from YouTube, Facebook and other services

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Spatial audio in AirPods: how to turn on and check the sound (+ audio test)

At its summer WWDC 2020 presentation, Apple put a special emphasis on the new announced features of the AirPods Pro wireless headphones, of which Spatial Audio was the most intriguing. This software development should provide users with the ability to watch videos and listen to music with a realistic immersion effect without special equipment. ♥ … Read more

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Best iPhone Standard Ringtone Remix (Audio + Video)

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Speech to Text: A Free Web Application to Easily Decrypt Interview Audio

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