How to choose apps to back up to iCloud on iPhone and iPad
If you chose to automatically back up your data to iCloud when you first set up your iPhone or iPad, then most apps will use this feature.
Opening apps on Mac using keyboard shortcuts
If you want to get through time-consuming tasks faster on your Mac, what about using a keyboard shortcut to launch the apps you want? In this article
Built-in password manager for iPhone and iPad: how to use it in apps and websites
Before the release of iOS 11, the process of entering a login and password looked like this: the user opened 1Password (or any other third-party password
How do I display only open apps in the macOS Dock?
In macOS, the dock plays a rather important role. The Dock displays minimized windows, the trash can, running applications. But there is another important
How to disable password on iPhone and iPad when installing free apps from the App Store
When installing applications from the App Store, users are forced to enter their Apple ID password every time, even if the game or program is distributed
Face swap, gender change, hairstyles, makeup, body shaping, effects and masks on photos and videos for iPhone – 20 best apps
Recently, applications for instant face replacement in photos and videos are gaining popularity. In the App Store, this type of software is presented by
New in iOS 14: How to quickly navigate menus within apps
Apple is renowned for constantly delivering small and subtle features that can dramatically improve the performance of your iPhone or iPad.
Remove Recent and Suggested Apps from the iPad Dock
Since the release of iOS 11, iPad has a lot of features to help you be more productive. One of them is the Dock, known from macOS. Among other things, “
New in iOS 14: How to Hide Individual Apps from the iPhone Home Screen
iOS 14 (a detailed overview of new features) makes it easy to get rid of clutter on the home screen by hiding entire pages of applications from view.
How to Crop Videos on iPhone and iPad without Third Party Apps
With each subsequent release of iOS, the Cupertinos are implementing new functionality, thanks to which we can abandon many free and paid analogues from
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