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How to recognize and translate text from a photo on an iPhone without installing applications

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How to close all open applications on Mac (macOS) in one click

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How to find out how much memory is occupied by applications on an iPhone or iPad

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Why you need to use the “Sign in with Apple” function for authorization in applications and websites

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How to set a password to launch (open) applications on iPhone or iPad

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How to find and delete large unused files and applications on Mac using standard tools

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How to get a link to a photo or video from iPhone (iPad) and share it without installing any applications

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Free Antivirus for Mac: A Review of the Best Applications

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Quitter, or how to automatically close or minimize unused applications on Mac (macOS)

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How to put a password on a folder in macOS (Mac) without installing third-party applications

Some of our data requires protection from unauthorized access. In macOS, encrypting folders directly is not possible, but there is nothing stopping them from being placed in secure containers. Special applications, such as Encrypto, do this. But this program works with its own encryption format, which will make it impossible to open the folder on … Read more

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How to drag and drop photos, text or files between applications on iPad

The drag and drop function became available for the iPad in iOS 11. Users have been waiting for this function for several years. Drag and drop allows you to select an element, for example, text, a photo or another type of file, and drag it from the original location to somewhere else. The potential of … Read more

Download unused ones, or how to set up automatic removal of unnecessary applications on iPhone and iPad

Surely, every owner of an iPhone or iPad knows a problem when unused applications occupy an invaluable place on the phone. Fortunately, it’s practically “possible to forget about it” – starting with iOS 11, a feature has appeared in the Apple mobile operating system that will automatically delete unused programs. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to … Read more

How to turn off requests for ratings and reviews in applications on iPhone and iPad

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Split View, or how to split a Mac screen to work with two applications at the same time

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10 little-known “Calendar” chips on the Mac. You can run applications on a schedule

10 little-known “Calendar” chips on the Mac. You can run applications on a schedule

The main feature of the built-in “Calendar” Mac is tight integration with other standard Apple programs. That is why it is very difficult to replace it with third-party applications: yes, they have their own chips, but they do not reach the general level. The “Calendar” has quite interesting features that are definitely worth a try. … Read more

Why it is not necessary to close (unload) applications on iPhone and iPad from the multitasking panel

Why it is not necessary to close (unload) applications on iPhone and iPad from the multitasking panel

Until brands take up the issue of drastically increasing the active time of smartphones, ordinary gadget owners will be interested in all kinds of popular tips. One of them says that the application is not enough to close, it is also necessary to unload it from the iOS memory. That’s what we’ll talk about. ♥ … Read more