How to add app shortcuts, folders, and files to the Finder on macOS

Users who have just recently switched to a Mac may not be familiar with all the benefits of the system at first. Compared to Windows, in Apple’s OS, a lot of the actions are done intuitively. However, not all operations are completely obvious, therefore, below we give an example of the interaction of folders and … Read more

How to add a separator to the Dock on macOS to separate groups of themed apps

Want to better organize the Dock on your Mac – for example, separate office applications from, for example, instant messengers? It makes sense to do this not only logically (by placing icons next to each other), but also visually – by separating them from other applications with free space. How to do it? We will … Read more

How to find geochat in Telegram, change the application icon and add people who are not in contacts

Telegram is constantly acquiring new and interesting functions that make working with the messenger even more comfortable. In this article, we will tell you about some innovations that you might not know about. ♥ BY THEME: Is it possible to leave the iPhone connected to the charger overnight, or how to properly charge the smartphone. … Read more

How to Add Song from Apple Music to “Memories” from “Photos”

In iOS 15, Apple’s native Photos app received a significant Memory update, including a new design, an improved interactive interface, new visuals, and broader integration with Apple Music. ♥ BY THEME: How to recognize text from photos on iPhone without installing third-party applications. The Photos app has always supported basic music integration when creating and … Read more

How to sign (add signature) an electronic document on Mac (macOS)

In life, everyone has situations when it is necessary to send a document with an ordinary signature (a stroke) somewhere far, far away. Usually people travel or send a paper letter by mail. But you don’t have to suffer this way – it is quite possible to impose your signature on a digital document without … Read more

Startup on Mac, or how to add (remove) programs to start when macOS boots

Would you like some applications to open automatically when you boot your Mac? This saves time and eliminates the need to repeat the same steps every time you start macOS. There are several ways to configure startup applications. This is very easy to do and only requires a one-time setup. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to … Read more

How to add the  (Apple) character to an iPhone or iPad keyboard

Since 2014 logo Apple – that bitten apple – turned into an overriding thing. Now Cupertinians use it directly in the names of new products! A striking example is the smart watch  Watch. This is both an elegant and practical solution – the icon is much more descriptive and replaces 5 letters at once. … Read more

How to add and switch between multiple Instagram accounts for iPhone

Avid Instagram users are generally not limited to one account. Many people start two or three accounts – personal, access to which only a limited circle of close friends, work and public, have access. The most ardent fans even create separate pages for their pets. For a long time it was impossible to switch from … Read more

How to add or remove languages ​​on the iPhone or iPad keyboard

When you first set up your iPhone or iPad in Russian-speaking countries, iOS automatically adds three basic layouts to the keyboard – English, Russian and emoji. However, sometimes novice users are faced with the problem of adding or removing a language, we will tell you how to do this in the material below. ♥ BY … Read more

How to quickly add icons, files, and folders to the Dock on Mac (macOS)

There are probably no Mac users who don’t know how to add various items to the Dock. Simple drag and drop is an intuitive gesture that everyone can understand. But not all advanced users know another way to perform this action – using hotkey combinations, which we will discuss in this article. ♥ BY TOPIC: … Read more

Can I add or replace random access memory (RAM) on my Mac: how to find out

The range of Apple computer products is quite large. Old models go down in history, leaving room for new, more advanced ones. The company’s laptops and desktops are very popular, being updated almost every year. But users are not always ready to change their usual gadget for a new one. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to … Read more

How to add a second person to unlock iPhone via Face ID

Face ID, despite the inevitable “childhood diseases” for the new product, from the very beginning turned out to be an extremely interesting solution for users. The technology works fast, seamlessly, very secure in terms of security – and most importantly, you don’t have to press anything with Face ID, you just need to look at … Read more

How to add and pin widgets on iPad

The new iPadOS operating system (overview) provides an opportunity to rethink the capabilities of the Home screen on Apple tablets. You will see more compact icons that form a smaller grid. This gives more space for shortcuts to your favorite applications. Plus, you can add and pin widgets to your home screen. This allows you … Read more

Mac fonts (macOS): where to download, how to add (install) and remove

The average user is quite satisfied with the standard set of fonts for Mac. But what if you are a marketer or designer and you regularly need to select a new font for your next project? Fortunately, macOS today has enough tools to easily install and use third-party fonts. ♥ BY TOPIC: How to record … Read more

Equalizer: add bass (bass) when listening to music on iPhone and iPad

One of the main significant innovations in the global music industry in recent years is the emergence of the Apple Music service, thanks to which millions of music lovers have the opportunity to quickly find and listen to their favorite music. To help listeners, a huge number of various auxiliary devices are also produced: from … Read more

Top sites or frequently visited pages in Safari on Mac (similar to the express panel in Chrome and Opera): how to add, change, pin

One of the elements of Safari browser on Mac, because of which users have remained for a long time on third-party browsers, is the appearance of frequently visited pages. Top Sites (analogue of the express panel in Google Chrome and Opera). ♥ BY TOPIC: How to minimize all “show desktop” windows on Mac (macOS): 3 … Read more

How to manually add workout to Activity for Apple Watch from iPhone

Apple Watch users will undoubtedly appreciate the possibility of using their watch during training – it’s both convenient and useful. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for one reason or another to launch the desired program. More often than not, we just forget to do this at the very beginning of the workout. There is … Read more

How to add folders to Favorites in the Files app on iOS

Starting with iOS 11, you can easily manage your online documents on iPhone and iPad in various cloud storage services using the application “Files”. This application allows you to quickly access iCloud Drive, and, if desired, to Dropbox or Google Drive. ♥ BY TOPIC: Why does the iPhone delay the alarm for exactly 9 minutes? … Read more

How to quickly add a note on an iPhone or iPad from a locked screen

How to quickly add a note on an iPhone or iPad from a locked screen

The standard iOS Notes application is a simple, fast, and convenient way to save valuable information on the go. Synchronizing your device with iCloud will allow you to access all the recordings on Mac, iPhone and iPad.   ♥ BY TOPIC: How on iPhone to block all calls from unknown and hidden numbers. We often … Read more

Birthdays on iPhone, iPad and Mac: how to add and enable reminders

Birthdays on iPhone, iPad and Mac: how to add and enable reminders

It is impossible to remember everything and it is much more logical to write down a significant date and not forget about it than to rely on memory and miss an important holiday for a loved one or friend. Of course, you can assign this task to reminders on social networks, but it’s much more … Read more