Transistor is a futuristic action RPG for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

Surely many mobile (and not only) gamers will easily remember the first major development of Supergiant Games – Bastion, released in 2013. Fans of such action-RPGs are strongly recommended to download another suitable product of the American studio – Transistor… Download Transistor for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV (App Store) The game takes place in … Read more

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath – an action game about a bounty hunter for iOS and Mac

In 2005 Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath was considered one of the best gaming projects by Electronic Arts, but ended up as a failure. Nevertheless, the bosses of the eminent publishing company decided that it was too early to bury the game – after the version for iOS devices, a port was also implemented on Apple computers. … Read more

Gleam of Fire review for iPhone and iPad: retro action platformer

Aspiring developer Su Min Kim undoubtedly knows what a spectacular exit is. Proof of this is his first mobile game, Gleam of Fire. Fans of action platformers will surely appreciate this retro arcade game full of enemies, battles, attacks and combos, monsters and their bosses. Despite the simplicity of the plot, the project does not … Read more

DISCOUNT (RUB 699 → RUB 179) Titan Quest – Action RPG game for iPhone and iPad

DotEmu studio continues to port legendary games to iPhone and iPad. Along with Heroes of Might and Magic for iOS, the action RPG Titan Quest was also presented for iOS devices. Download Titan Quest for iPhone and iPad (App Store) The original version for personal computers hit the market about ten years ago. Since the … Read more

DISCOUNT (799p → 279p) Morphite game for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV – high-quality space action platformer

Crescent Moon’s Morphite is a first-person space action platformer with a procedurally generated world. In practice, Morphite is the spiritual successor to No Man’s Sky for mobile devices, with the only difference that instead of millions of procedurally generated worlds, the game features only 15 planets, but well-developed and unlike one another. Download Morphite for … Read more

DISCOUNT (229p → 75p) Assassin’s Creed Identity for iPhone and iPad – Action RPG with a large open world

French developer Ubisoft has released a version of the game “Assassin’s Creed Identity»Specially for iPhone and iPad. Download Assassin’s Creed Identity for iPhone and iPad (App Store) Role-playing game allows you to create your own assassin and look at the Italian Renaissance through his eyes. In order to reveal the mystery of the mysterious Ravens, … Read more

DISCOUNT (299р → 149р) Leap of Fate game for iPhone and iPad is one of the best action games with rogue-like elements

Leap of fat for iPhone and iPad – an example of how a game can be of interest only because of the unusual mechanics available in it. In fact, this is a common mix of action and rogue-like, which owes its popularity to the non-standard approach of its developers. Download Leap of Fate for iPhone … Read more

DISCOUNT (379r → 75r) Punch Club for iPhone and iPad – fighting game in the style of American action movies of the 80s

In the near-game industry, retro has long become fashionable, and therefore, with enviable regularity, new products appear in stores that correspond to this trend. Most of them are of no interest, and only a few are worthy of the attention of gamers. The latter include Punch club for iPhone and iPad. Download Punch Club for … Read more

DISCOUNT (529р → 75р) Severed – a bright adventure game with action elements for iPhone and iPad

At the beginning of 2016, contrary to the expectations of the fans, DrinkBox Studios did not release the sequel to the hit platforming game “Guacamelee!”, But a new project called Severed. This adventure game with action elements, originally created for the PlayStation Vita, immediately captivated gamers. Download Severed for iPhone and iPad (App Store) According … Read more