Speed ​​test, or how to check Internet speed on iPhone, iPad and any computer: 5 best services

It’s not a secret for anyone that Internet providers, as a rule, promise their customers the Internet at tremendous speeds, but have you ever wondered what speed you are actually paying for? You can check the real speed of downloading and downloading data via the Internet using free online services, a list of which we have presented below.

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In addition to the speed of your Internet, they will also help you identify possible network problems, such as packet loss, delays, and physical hardware problems.

If you don’t want to bother, just type in your favorite search engine (for example, Google) “check the speed of the Internet” and click on the very first search result. Not that these tools provide a lot of information, but they work quickly and easily.

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Speed ​​test, or how to check the speed of the Internet

Perhaps the most popular service for measuring Internet connection speed among Russian users.

Ookla’s bandwidth diagnostic software is used by a number of services presented in this article. However, Ookla also has its own Speedtest.net service, which provides complete information about your Internet connection.

The technologies used by Speedtest.net are very sophisticated, but they work very quickly. The service selects the nearest server from 1000 available, conducts full testing and provides data on the download and download speed, delay time and packet loss.

After testing, you can fill out a questionnaire, letting you know what speed your provider promises, how much you pay for it and what you actually get. This data helps Ookla put together an impressive database of internet speeds for various users.

In addition, there is an application for iPhone and iPad (link).

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Speed ​​test, or how to check the speed of the Internet

You can check the speed of the Internet using the Yandex.Internetometer service. To do this, just press the button Measure and wait a while to collect data. The service will provide information on the speed of the incoming, outgoing connections, as well as data about the user, such as: IP address, name and version of the browser, device screen resolution settings and region.

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Speedof.me is a service for checking the speed of the Internet, created on the basis of HTML5. The service reproduces the actual conditions for downloading and downloading from the browser by requesting large files and determining the speed of their download. You can see the speed presented in the form of a curve in real time and compare it with previously obtained results.

During the test, the service does not select a location, but determines the fastest and most reliable server out of 90 available. In order to reproduce the real working conditions with the browser, all files are downloaded and downloaded not simultaneously, but sequentially.

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Speed ​​test, or how to check the speed of the Internet

Bandwidth Place is another service created based on HTML5. It is very lightweight, so it can be used on various devices. The site itself has been operating since 2002, but support for the new version of HTML appeared in 2013, making the service compatible with mobile devices.

Bandwidth Place selects a server for testing by the smallest available ping, or using location and servers to see how distance affects speed and latency. In addition to information about the speed of the Internet, the site also provides news on broadband services and suggestions for more extensive connectivity options.

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Measurement Lab (M-Lab) - service for checking Internet speed from Google

Google has a service for checking the speed of the Internet, developed by the organization Measurement Lab (M-Lab). Running it is very simple, just click on the appropriate button. A small window will open where you can see the speed of downloading and uploading.

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Speed ​​test, or how to check the speed of the Internet

Fast.com is a simple site owned by Netflix, and the word “simple” means that it’s never been easier. The service automatically runs a speed test and shows the real speed of your Internet.

The company launched the service primarily for users who want to check whether their Internet can provide viewing of its proposed content, especially in 4K format, requiring high speed. Nevertheless, anyone can use it at any time. If you are not interested in data on delay and packet loss, feel free to choose Fast.com.

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Speed ​​Tests from Internet Providers

Those who want to get the most accurate and, so to speak, personalized speed test, can turn to the appropriate services from the Internet providers whose services they use. Many providers offer their customers services to check the speed of the Internet, and often they are available even to those who use the services of other providers.

In fact, there are a lot of similar services from telecom operators on the Internet. Just go to your ISP’s website and see what it offers. Alternatively, type in your Google search the name of your Internet service provider and the phrase “speed check”.

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