Smartphones, tablets, PCs and TVs are not harmful to a child’s eyes on one condition

Despite the widespread belief that the main reason for the development of myopia in children is an unlimited time at the TV or computer games, in fact, the decisive factor in the onset of the disease turned out to be lack of natural light… An article on this issue was published by the authoritative publication ScienceDaily.

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Ophthalmologist Scott Reid has been studying the causes of myopia in children for a long time. According to a report he presented at a conference in Australia, children’s eyesight suffers mainly from a lack of natural light. PCs, mobile gadgets and other equipment are only an indirect cause of the development of the disease.

“We have not received confirmation of the assumption that myopia in children develops due to a long time spent in front of TV or PC screens. In this case, the technique simply takes away from the child the time that he could spend playing on the street. And because of the constant stay in the room, children experience lack of natural light“- says Scott Reed.

The doctor also noted that for prevention, as well as for the treatment of myopia, children need to be at least two hours a day in the fresh air under natural light. However, the results of this study cannot be regarded as evidence that PCs and televisions do not negatively affect a child’s vision – after all, the report deals specifically with myopia.

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