Screen rotation does not work on iPhone 6 / 6s / 7 Plus, how to turn it on?

In this article, we will tell you how to control (disable or enable) screen rotation in different versions of the iPhone while holding the smartphone in landscape orientation and for what reasons this function may not work.

It should be noted right away that, first of all, support for screen rotation in the iPhone should be implemented by the software developer. That is, not every game or application allows you to use your smartphone in landscape orientation.

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How to disable / enable screen rotation on iPhone

By default, screen rotation in iOS is enabled on all iPhones. The most commonplace way to enable the orientation change lock is the option located in the Control Center. When pressed, the screen will always remain in portrait orientation.

In the larger Plus versions of older iPhones, in addition to changing the orientation of the application screen, there is also the ability to rotate the iOS desktop (this does not work in Max versions of the iPhone).

Why screen rotation does not work in iPhone (all iPhone models)

The main reason the iPhone screen refuses to work in landscape orientation is accidentally pressing the lock switch in Control Center.

Open Control Center and disable orientation lock.

Why screen rotation does not work in iPhone (all iPhone models)

An active orientation lock in iPhones equipped with a Touch ID button will be indicated by the corresponding icon in the menu bar.

How to enable screen lock on iPhone

Unfortunately, this icon is not available in the menu bar on iPhones equipped with the Face ID facial recognition scanner.

Why screen rotation does not work in iPhone (all iPhone models)

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Why iOS desktop rotation doesn’t work on Plus-versions of iPhone

If you suddenly notice that the rotation of the iOS desktop has stopped working in Plus-versions of the iPhone (this does not apply to Max-iPhone models), then the problem probably lies in the mode of displaying icons on the springboard (home screen).

Rotate Lock

Follow the path: Settings -> Display and brightness -> View

How to disable / enable screen rotation on iPhone

Besides Standard display of iOS interface elements is and Increased… In mode Increased all interface elements, including icons on the springboard, become slightly larger, and the display rotation feature on the desktop will be disabled. At the same time, in all applications, everything will rotate normally.

How to disable / enable screen rotation on iPhone

In order to reactivate desktop rotation, go to the tab Standard and press Install… The installation process will take a few seconds.

Rotate Lock

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