Rare limited edition Apple products

You are unlikely to ever be able to purchase these items and the size of the bank balance is not at all important here. As well as the willingness to spend years searching and to the last bargaining with collectors – some items go to only a select few.

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Tapestry with rainbow Apple logo

Tapestry with ancient Apple logo

The one that reminds of the contradictory pages of the company’s history and has a characteristic rainbow color – back in 1983, it was still considered a quite worthy visiting card of the brand. And therefore, a very limited batch of embroidered panels was released specifically for the Apple gift catalog. Legend has it that designer Myra Burg handcrafted only 25 tapestries, two of which were donated to Steve, Jobs and Wozniak, while others sold for $ 350 each. Where they are today is a mystery.

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The Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh

The Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh

Abbreviated as TAM, a special version of a serial personal computer, whose release is timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the founding of the company. Incidentally, one of the young Johnny Ive’s first works in a new location, which is reflected in the quirky design. A unique download melody was written specifically for this computer, and it was proposed to play it on the Bose speaker system. Two speakers and a subwoofer were integral parts of the computer itself, giving it an original look, but all these tricks did not save TAM from failure. For the prosaic reason – already critical of the Macintosh because of its high cost, buyers were turning up their noses at the $ 7,499 price tag. Therefore, it is possible that several copies of 18 years old are still gathering dust in some warehouse.

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Apple IIGS “Woz Edition”

Apple IIGS

Rare computers, released in a circulation of 50,000 copies, differ from others by the presence of a characteristic monogram on the front panel. This is a personal autograph of Apple founder Steve Wozniak, albeit machine-printed. Anyone who owns such a computer has the legal right to require a legally certified document from Apple to prove the authenticity of this mark. On the original letterhead, in addition to a stroke of old Woz, the signatures of 12 leading Apple engineers flaunt as of 1987 – the release was timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the company.

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For true housewives

There are many wonderful moments in the history of the apple corporation, for example, in 1986 it was decided to replenish the Apple Collection with household accessories. With an exceptionally good purpose – to try to popularize the brand in all areas, since after the voluntary and compulsory separation from Jobs, things began to go not brilliantly at all. Finding a fork or towel with the Apple logo of that time today is a task for a very stubborn person. Moreover, those items did not differ in particular reliability or durability – the usual assortment of a household store with a rainbow sticker on the side.

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Apple Clothing

Apple Clothing

To forge swords into plowshares in Cupertin’s way means to decorate with your logo for the purpose of subsequent sale any product, including products that are completely far from the IT sphere. Caps, sweatshirts, T-shirts, polo shirts – they say that they stopped on time and did not get to underwear. All this took place in the same 1986 and did not bring much benefit to the company, but some American retirees can still store “Apple” clothes in the distant chest of drawers.

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Gold EarPod Headphones

Ear Pods Gold Earphones

The one-of-a-kind headphones, personal development of the chief designer of Apple – having exchanged his fifth decade, he is seriously carried away by charity. But he did not spend his own capital and is in no hurry to part with the block of shares, instead preferring to create extraordinary lots for implementation at charity auctions. EarPods in a solid gold case, not just gold plated, were sold in 2013 for $ 461,000.

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Exclusive Apple Watch by Beyoncé, Karl Lagerfeld and Kanye West

apple watch with gold link bracelet

It is beneficial to be friends with influential people of this world, even if you represent the richest corporation on the planet – as part of the Apple Watch promotion, a number of watches were distributed to celebrities. Those who noticed on Beyoncé’s wrist, in addition to the solid volume of selected gold, are distinguished by the presence of a bracelet without a lock; when put on, it simply stretches, adapting to any hand. The design has been in use in the watch business for a long time, but there are none among the types of straps offered to ordinary Apple Watch buyers. The jewelery version of the watch with an exclusive bracelet was also seen by fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and rapper Kanye West.

Kanye West bought himself an Apple Watch Edition

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iPod Special U2 Edition

apple ipod special u2 edition

Black body, red interface wheel, engraved signatures of the four members of the U2 band. This is the look and feel of a limited edition 4th generation iPod, a collaboration between Apple and Irish musicians. The latter did not fail to make advertising their favorite, providing a special poster in addition to each gadget. Probably, today almost all of them settled in the bins of music lovers and fans of the group.

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Mac Pro Red

Apple Mac Pro Red

A designer version of a serial computer, one of the author’s creations of Mr. Ive for a series of fashion products under the general name “Red”, was successfully sold at auction in 2013. This is probably just the case when getting an exclusive gadget will not be difficult. All you need to do is offer the current owner of the red computer more than the $ 977,000 he paid for it. Such things are often bought not for operation, but for profitable resale, and it is possible that at the next auction Mac Pro Red will once again set a new cost record for the desktop.

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