QR Codes: 8 Interesting Uses

QR codes are slowly but steadily penetrating our lives. They no longer seem like a curiosity, however, it cannot be said that they are already playing a fateful role. In any case, these codes help in providing information. Moreover, they can be used not only profitably, but also fun. Here are some fun situations in which QR codes can come in handy.

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And while QR codes have specific use cases in our technological world, there are many other things you can do with this technology. If you want to have a little fun, here are eight things you can try using these codes.

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What are QR Codes?

What are QR Codes?

QR codes have a rather high-tech background – Toyota used them in its manufacturing process to scan automotive components. From there, QR codes have gradually spread all over the world, now they can even be seen on fashion catwalks. This transition demonstrates the popularity of technologies, but not always their usefulness.

In fact, a QR code is a simple cipher into which information is encoded. Any data can be hidden in this two-dimensional barcode: detailed characteristics of a product, phone numbers and address of a person or company, a link to a website, etc. In total, encrypted information containing 7089 numbers or 4296 letters can be found in a small square.

What is a QR code for? First of all, it’s convenient. Let’s say you were given a standard business card, the information from which will have to be transferred to your gadget manually. However, if there is the same barcode on the card, it is enough to read it with a special virtual scanner, and the data can be saved in the device automatically.

That is, a QR code allows, on the one hand, to fit a significant amount of information into a small image, on the other hand, it opens up the possibility for gadgets to automatically read data and dispose of them in accordance with their nature.

QR codes convey URLs (links to sites) very well. You can easily create such a code yourself, as well as read it using the functions already built into the camera app on many smartphones.

Some say that QR codes are pampering, while others find this way of transmitting information useful. After all, QR codes are a tool, and if you think about it, they can be used in a fun and rewarding way even in everyday life at home.

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How to create (generate) QR codes?

To create a QR code from a web link, for example, you can use an excellent service from VKontakte. If you need to make a QR code to connect to a Wi-Fi network, use this method. And on this site you can create QR codes for various other scenarios, for example, encrypt e-mail, phone number, calendar entry, SMS messages, etc.

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Audio note on the refrigerator door

Can’t get through to your kids? It’s time to ditch the outdated notes on the refrigerator door and use a handy QR generator instead. Children are more receptive to technology, and the novelty of QR codes with custom messages covertly placed in the least expected places (for example, in a dirty closet, in a lunchbox, or on a game console) can get their attention.

After creating a link for sharing a voice recording (for example, by placing an audio file on Yandex.Disk), you can share this audio using a QR code. It can be left on the refrigerator door or anywhere else. Sure, there are better ways to communicate, but this one is much more fun.

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Sharing Wi-Fi

QR Code on Wi-Fi

Many people know about this trick, it turns out to be relevant if you want to quickly share your Wi-Fi with guests and friends. QRStuff and QR Code Generator websites help you quickly generate a code with your Wi-Fi hotspot parameters.

You can download and print a QR code that will automatically connect guests to your Wi-Fi network. Keep it next to your router or hang it for guests. Although you can usually see these codes in restaurants or cafes, it saves you the need to constantly tell your friends about your network connection.

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Lost and found

You can generate your own QR code with contact details such as your address and phone number. You can then print it and use it to label your pet’s collars.

Instead of spending money on expensive engraving for a pet’s name tag, why not use a regular QR code sticker instead? Since almost anyone can scan a QR code from their phone in their pocket today, this is the perfect modern solution.

Moreover, why stop there? Add a QR code to every item you own in case you lose it. Of course, it may not help you as much as AirTag, but it increases your chances of finding your belongings anyway.

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Moving and packing

Stickers with a printed QR code and a description of what is inside a particular box are a great solution to save time. This is a remarkably effective use of technology in the real world, as QR codes can store text information, among other things.

A quick scan with a QR code reader will save you tons of time when you move to another house and rummage among the many boxes in search of a hammer. Of course, you could just write on the box what is inside it, but is it fun and technologically advanced?

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Label electronics with instructions

One idea to get rid of paper documentation altogether is to link the manuals for your device to itself using QR codes.

You can save PDFs with instructions in the cloud and convert the url you want to QR code. Place the code sticker on your device. The next time you need to refer to the manual, you can do it right from your smartphone by scanning the code from your device.

You can also encode information such as the purchase date of the device, serial number, and customer service number so that they are always at hand. You can also include your name and address in the code as an additional security precaution in case of theft.

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Check your books

Whether it’s tagging books with their own name or information about why you bought a book, people love to tag prints.

A QR code is the perfect way to tag your book. Regardless of what you want to tag your book with, the QR code makes it less intrusive. Handwritten notes can look messy and sometimes spread across the pages, and a QR code is completely devoid of this problem.

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Digital Greeting Cards

QR codes can also help you get creative with greeting cards. Fewer and fewer people are sending paper postcards. But imagine what you can do with a combination that uses a physical greeting card and a QR code attached to it that links to an online home video shouting out a real greeting.

So a banal and cheap greeting card can easily turn into a dynamic multimedia card with a more personal touch. You will need to save your home video to YouTube or another cloud storage platform. Just take the link, convert it to a QR code and print it on your greeting card.

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Route instructions

Route directions via QR code

People are always mistaken when someone is waiting for them somewhere. Whether they’re taking the wrong exit or trying to take a shortcut, driving directions can be tricky.

So why not give someone a QR code instead of describing the road? If you know that you often need to direct visitors to your home, you can offer them a QR code with the indicated routes. It is also a handy tool for wedding or party invitations.

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QR codes are more useful than they seem

The use of QR codes in your home is only limited by your imagination. Web apps like Kaywa and Goqr make it easy to quickly create and print QR codes. There are also other websites to help you use QR codes differently.

Remember that QR codes can be used not only to link to a web resource, but also to receive text information. It will help you understand and think about how to creatively use QR codes in your home.

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