PDF (PDF) on iPhone: how to open, read and draw (make notes)

There is no full-fledged analogue of the application on iOS View for Mac, however Apple provides some pretty powerful tools for basic PDF tasks.

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It’s hard to find a better PDF reader than iPad or iPhone with a large screen. Nevertheless, for a long time, documents in this format could only be read on portable devices. But iOS also has tools for PDF markup. Today there are many mobile applications that can also independently create documents in this format.

Our starting point is the appearance of a PDF file on the device. It can be created independently, received by e-mail or downloaded from any resource.

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Markup, or how to draw (mark up) on PDF in the iOS Mail app

This feature may not seem particularly useful at first glance. Nevertheless, PDF has long been readable right inside an email message. Moreover, the application post office got a lot of useful tools. All of them are associated with the application of various markings in a PDF document.

It should be noted right away that standard iOS tools do not allow you to edit text or correct errors in PDF files.

But there is a useful ability to highlight an interesting paragraph by clicking on the markup icon.

PDF (PDF) on iPhone: how to open, read and draw

A PDF document marked this way can be sent (re-sent). However, it is difficult to name the PDF markup capabilities in the application post office excellent.

PDF (PDF) on iPhone: how to open, read and draw

The document cannot be temporarily collapsed in order to check something in the letter itself. You will have to finish the markup by pressing the button “Done”… After that, additional options will appear for the document: Reply All, New, and Discard Changes.

PDF (PDF) on iPhone: how to open, read and draw

Unfortunately, after clicking the button “Done” there is no option to save PDF for subsequent local work with the document. To do this, you need to click the icon Share and choose an option Save to Files

PDF (PDF) on iPhone: how to open, read and draw

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Working with PDF in Safari

Even these few tools for working with PDF in the application post office exceed the capabilities of the Safari browser.

There is no need to talk about full-fledged PDF markup in Safari – the browser lacks these tools. But there is an option Shareto open the tool Markup (button Add markup) or transfer the document to another application.

PDF (PDF) on iPhone: how to open, read and draw

In this case, a copy of the PDF document will be created for editing.

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How to read and draw (mark up) PDFs in iBooks and Files apps on iPhone and iPad

Initially, Apple did not envision that its iBooks application would read PDF documents. There was only a basic level of working with them, but real and practical scenarios were simply absent. However, users often need to keep in the same library next to fiction literature also operating instructions and service documents.

PDF (PDF) on iPhone: how to open, read and draw

When opening a PDF file in an application Books, it is placed in the tab “Library”. At the very top there is a menu Collections, allowing you to quickly jump into different categories (Want to read, Read, Audiobooks, PDF, etc.). PDF files will accordingly be placed in the PDF section.

PDF (PDF) on iPhone: how to open, read and draw

Among other things, in “Library” there is a possibility of manual sorting of PDF-files (rearrangement of places), which allows at least keeping documents related to each other side by side.

PDF (PDF) on iPhone: how to open, read and draw

Given that the application “Books” from Apple offers virtually the same markup options as post office, you can use them in the same way. You need to click on the PDF to open the file controls, and then click on the markup icon. This will enable you to do the same work with color selection and with your fingers or using the Apple Pencil.

PDF (PDF) on iPhone: how to open, read and draw

And here are the “Done” buttons in Books not. At the end of the work, press the button again. “Markup” or the return to icon “Library”… When you return there, you need to close the PDF file and save the changes made.

To save a PDF file to the application Files, open a document (via Mail, Safari, instant messenger, etc.), press the button Share this and select Save to Files

PDF (PDF) on iPhone: how to open, read and draw

In the opened application Files select the save folder and click Save

PDF (PDF) on iPhone: how to open, read and draw

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How to create a PDF file on iPhone or iPad

Almost any document-based application for Mac has the ability to create PDF files, but on iOS this functionality has not been distributed. However, if the application knows how to create any documents, it will most likely be able to create PDFs.

An example is an application from Apple called Pages (analogous to Microsoft Word). In it, after opening the document, tap on the ellipsis icon and select “Export”

PDF (PDF) on iPhone: how to open, read and draw

Then choose one format from four possible options. Among them is the PDF we need. After creating the PDF file, a menu will open automatically Share this with suggested options for sending the document or saving it on the device, or iCloud through the application Files

PDF (PDF) on iPhone: how to open, read and draw

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Third party applications

PDF viewers can be downloaded from the App Store. They may have some advantages over inline elements. However, these bonuses usually do not justify their cost. For example, Adobe is releasing a free version of its famous product Acrobat Reader for iOS, but this is not so much a functional tool as a collection of floating advertisements for a subscription to a Creative Cloud service.

If you do not plan to use Markup for PDF, but just limit yourself to reading, take a look at the Amazon Kindle app.

The Kindle app for iOS (requires creating a free Amazon account) is actually even less organized than Books. The program makes it possible to display what it calls “Documents”… But this definition includes not only PDF files, but also any files in the Word format. There is no possibility to create subdirectories either, nor is it possible to drag and drop documents for organizing. But you can sort files by date, title, and so on.

When a PDF file is opened in the Kindle application, the user gets to work with it almost the same functions as with regular books. You can view both individual pages and their groups to quickly jump to the desired part of the document. But there are no markup and editing capabilities in this application either.

Weekend Reader is free to use with a limited number of PDF documents. However, this program is quite useful. It perfectly supports scripts and not only displays the text, but analyzes it, trying to present it in the most readable form. This becomes especially relevant when reading PDF on iPhone. Indeed, on such a small screen, in the process of work, you have to constantly scale the text and go to its panoramic view. But if you are already going to use a third-party PDF reader for iOS, then it is better to look for an option with the ability to create new documents.

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