Optimized charging, or how in iOS to extend the life of an iPhone battery that is constantly left on charge overnight

With the release of iOS 13, the iPhone received a very important feature that is designed to extend battery life. Function Optimizing Battery Charge explores and incorporates iPhone charging patterns using “on-device machine learning”.

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Is the function useful Optimizing Battery Charge? How does it help your iPhone’s battery? Can I turn it off? We have answers to these questions to help you understand the new iOS feature.

About iPhone battery life

IPhone battery life varies with chemical age. Apple explains that you cannot simply equate age with the date the battery was inserted into the device.

Battery life can be affected by things like temperature history and charging modes.

As a smartphone ages, its ability to hold a charge decreases, just like any other rechargeable battery. This results in decreased performance and overall battery life.

Compared to previous battery technologies, newer battery models are able to charge up to 80% faster and have no memory effect. However, such opportunities are accompanied by a faster loss of battery capacity. Instead of a “memory” problem, lithium-ion batteries have a problem with the maximum number of charge cycles. In other words, the user will be able to charge the battery fewer times, after which it will begin to lose capacity.

In addition, recharging from 80% to 100% for five consecutive days results in five times 20% total charging.

How long does an iPhone battery

And an incomplete discharge of the battery with subsequent charging up to 100% also damages the battery. Keeping it always connected to an external power source is also a bad decision.

How long does an iPhone battery

When you leave your device to recharge overnight, the battery capacity drops from 100% to 95-98%, and then recharging starts again. The cycle will be repeated several times. As a result, you can use the maximum number of charge cycles without even actively using your phone.

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What does Optimized Battery Charging do?

Starting with iOS 13, a new algorithm is used that will keep the iPhone battery level near 80% overnight. The algorithm will determine when you usually wake up and start your day and by that moment will restart charging so that by the beginning of the day you will have a smartphone with a 100% full battery in your hands.

Included function Optimized battery charging can help extend battery life by reducing the amount of time iPhone spends on a full charge.

iPhone uses built-in machine learning to learn regular charging scenarios. The device will learn to wait for the moment who needs it and finish charging at a level above 80 percent.

This should extend the life of the battery by reducing wear and tear.

Even if you have this feature turned on, it will only become relevant when the iPhone calculates charging scenarios for a long time.

In other words, iOS will make sure that the iPhone does not spend all night on charging, which the device does not need at least because of the risks of overheating. The program will provide 100% battery power by the beginning of an active day.

When activated, a notification will appear on the lock screen when the iPhone battery is fully charged. If you need your smartphone to be charged earlier, press and hold your finger on the notification, and then press the “Charge now“.

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How to turn on Optimized Battery Charging on iPhone or iPad

1. Open the app Settings and go to section Battery

2. Select a menu item Battery conditionand.

How to enable optimized battery charging on iPhone or iPad

3. Set the switch Optimized battery charging into position Included

How to enable optimized battery charging on iPhone or iPad

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How to disable Optimized Battery Charging

After upgrading to iOS 13 (or later), this feature will be enabled by default. But it’s easy to turn it off if you don’t want to use this mode.

1. Open the “Settings“And select the section”Battery“.

2. Click on “Battery status “

How to enable optimized battery charging on iPhone or iPad

3. Move the switch to the left on “Optimized battery charging“.

4. Choose one of two options: “Disconnect until tomorrow” or “Switch off“.

How to disable Optimized Battery Charging

It would seem that there is nothing wrong with a function that helps to increase the lifespan and, as a result, the charging capacity and performance of the iPhone battery. You decided to leave the function Optimized battery charging included? If not, please tell us in the comments why you decided to disable it.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

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