Online project (task) management software for Mac (macOS)

Projects can take on a wide variety of shapes and sizes, as can the management tools used by project managers. You can search for the optimal software for the purpose of purchasing it later, but this software is often very expensive. Moreover, it is difficult to know before buying whether this project management tool is right for you and whether you will like it.

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If you are a Mac user looking for a suitable project management software, then our list will help you with that. These apps are easy to use, have basic essential features, are free or give you the opportunity to try a test version for free. This will make it possible not to buy a “pig in a poke”, but to understand the capabilities of the product.



One of the main features of using Trello is its availability across multiple platforms, including the web version. This makes it possible to access your projects from anywhere and anytime. A list of versions can be seen on the Trello download page.

Trello allows you to create multiple projects, use different lists, and add tasks either separately or as part of your project. You can select backgrounds and colors to customize the app, sync your calendar to keep things up to date, and view all activities with a click of your mouse.

Distinctive features of Trello:

  • Use useful add-ons (Enhancements, Power-Ups) to connect services like Slack, Google Drive, Miro, GitHub and more.
  • Include team members, due dates, shortcuts, documents, checklists, and photos on your lists.
  • Use the Trello email address you receive for each project to turn emails into assignments for your projects.

With Trello, you can easily collaborate by creating teams to review projects and assigning tasks to members. Receive notifications, group projects by category, and change settings for ungrouped projects for team and member visibility.

You can is free use Trello with disabilities (which is enough for a small team) or use a paid subscription. It unlocks features such as unlimited group projects, advanced admin rights, easy data export, and more.

Download Trello for Mac

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As with Trello, you will find several supported platforms on the MeisterTask download page, including the web version. Create your project, add sections (lists) and use cards for tasks that you can assign to others.

You can quickly preview the activities for your projects by clicking the sidebar button. In addition, an icon indicating the number of notifications will be useful. The app makes it easy to search for keywords and customize tags to store similar items.

Distinctive features of MeisterTask:

  • Useful add-ons (Integrations, Power-Ups) for Zapier, GitHub, Slack, Office 365 and others.
  • Send invitations to your team members, you can easily see the number of tasks assigned to the participants in the sidebar
  • Assign due dates, tags, files, lists and notes to cards in your lists.

The MeisterTask Mac app is very similar to Trello, but with a few extra features and bonuses that you might like. And since the system is accessible from virtually anywhere, you can view and manage your projects on your computer or on the go.

The MeisterTask app is completely free to download and use (great for a small project or team), or check out MeisterTask subscriptions for additional features like unlimited integrations, automation, repetitive tasks, multiple team members, and more.

Download MeisterTask for Mac

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Ora is another project management application for Mac that has several types of whiteboard templates in reserve. Starting a project with a whiteboard template makes setup a bit easier, but you can create one from scratch if you want.

The app has four main sections in its Mac version: “Projects “, “Agenda“,”Timeline” and “Reports»With simple navigation on the panel on the left side of the window.

For each added project, you can configure the settings for visibility, permissions, settings, export and the so-called “Dangerous area“. The danger zone allows you to move, archive and delete projects.

Key Features Ora:

  • Availability of add-ons for simple or consistent workflows, time tracking, team chat, billing, and more.
  • Connect Ora to services like Slack, GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, Trello, Zendesk, and Google Calendar to keep track of your projects.
  • The ability to include dates, labels, documents, lists and photos on cards in your lists.

With Ora, you can add team members to collaborate, get notifications to stay on top of things, import projects from other apps, and create your own whiteboard templates to easily manage multiple projects.

The Ora app is available for free on the Mac App Store but has limited features. You can check out Ora’s pricing plans for additional users, action lists, unlimited members, file encryption, and more. The free tariff plan assumes the use of the service for one person.

Visit the Ora app page to choose a platform to download.

Download Ora for Mac

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Merlin project express

Merlin project express

If you’re looking for a critical path project management app that offers a Gantt chart and work breakdown structure, then turn to Merlin Project Express. Its powerful full-size format makes it easy to manage complex or lengthy projects.

Add your tasks and subtasks, start and finish dates. You can expand and collapse tasks and subtasks, and sort the columns in various ways, making it easier to view.

You can quickly move tasks or their dependencies across the timeline with a simple drag and drop action. By expanding the inspector on the right, you can easily navigate to other sections of the project, such as notes, calendar, or lists. There is also a handy attachment viewer that you can open at the bottom.

Distinctive features of Merlin Project Express:

  • Creation of numerous new projects with built-in templates for a quality start.
  • Add resource information including type, contact information, cost, and rates.
  • Toggle the visibility of the critical path with one click.

Merlin Project Express is designed for home and semi-professional project management. If you need a little more power, you can try Merlin Project: Gantt & Kanban for true project management professionals.

Try a free 14-day trial. If the service is right for you, check out the Merlin Project subscription plans.

Download Merlin Project Express for Mac

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OmniPlan 3

OmniPlan is a powerful project management application for Mac that lets you work with a Gantt chart, work breakdown structure, network view, resource section, reports, analysis tools, and more. This app was created by the Omni Group, the same company that offers the acclaimed products OmniFocus, OmniGraffle, and OmniOutliner.

In the complete package, you can manage your projects from the planning phase to closing with an intuitive interface and valuable features unique to similar applications.

Distinctive features of OmniPlan:

  • The ability to manage working hours and days off.
  • Setting target completion dates for tasks, as well as the possibility of partial completion.
  • View reports on generated value, resources, resource timeline and overview.

For professional Mac project managers, OmniPlan is the right project management tool. It contains many additional features that will surely be appreciated.

Of all the project management apps on this list, OmniPlan is the biggest investment. However, you can grab a free two-week trial before purchasing, which comes in handy for exploring a powerful app like OmniPlan.

Download OmniPlan for Mac

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Mac applications for project management for any purpose

Each of these project management apps for Mac is slightly different from the rest. Whether you are making a choice based on project size, management style, or even cost, this list is where you will find the one that suits you.

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