Moshi iGlaze Hardshell Case: Sleeve for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

For many users, the MacBook is more than just a laptop. It is the main working tool, media center and communications center. Realizing the importance of this already expensive device, I want to look after and protect it. Of course, this is just soulless electronics, but scuffs and scratches on it can be frustrating.

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You can always carry your MacBook in your bag, but you have to take out the laptop to work. And here contacts with the surface can damage the device case. Fortunately, there are special hard cases available for MacBooks. So, Moshi, a reputable manufacturer of accessories, mainly for Apple technology, offers its iGlaze Hardshell Case for all current Apple laptops.

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What is the Moshi iGlaze Hardshell Case?

Review of iGlaze Hardshell Case for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

The construction itself consists of two parts. The material for the cover is a translucent polycarbonate with a thickness of only 0.7 mm. The back wall received rubber feet, and so that nothing interferes with air circulation, there are special ventilation holes in the surface. The legs will give the structure stability and prevent it from sliding on the surface.

Review of iGlaze Hardshell Case for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

Even when seated tightly to the body, the iGlaze Hardshell leaves holes for maximum heat dissipation. Technological cutouts are made to provide access to the ports on the MacBook.

Review of iGlaze Hardshell Case for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

At the same time, the protection itself is very thin and light, but at the same time strong. This allows the MacBook owner to feel no additional weight on their device. And so that the cover can be conveniently removed and installed on the case, there is a special fixing structure. With the help of micro-clips, the case fits snugly to the laptop, but at the same time, the protection can be removed without much effort. Also, the cover is highly flexible – it can be easily bent, but not broken. This allows you to quickly dismantle the case if necessary and without fear of damaging it.

The iGlaze Hardshell has a special coating that resists scratches. As a result, the MacBook itself is protected, and its elegant appearance is preserved – the laptop is still stylish and thin. It is important to note that the cover does not prevent the laptop from opening as wide as it can in principle.

Review of iGlaze Hardshell Case for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

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Colors and compatibility

This case is available in two colors: black and white (transparent). Do not forget about the translucency of the material, thanks to which the classic apple on the top cover is visible. The Moshi iGlaze Hardshell is available for all Apple laptops released after 2013.

Review of iGlaze Hardshell Case for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

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A laptop sleeve not only has to cover the entire case, but also be pleasant to the touch, without obstructing ports or obstructing ventilation. All this is successfully done by Moshi iGlaze Hardshell. The case is lightweight and durable, and the 10-year global warranty confirms the manufacturer’s reputation. Security problems can only arise if you use an accessory for a different model. Otherwise, the weightless and almost invisible case will delight the owner of the MacBook.

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