Long screenshot of chat on iPhone or Android: how to do it

IPhone and Android users sometimes need to take a scrolling screenshot of, for example, an entire page of a news website or a full chat in a messenger. In this case, special tools from third-party developers will help to cope with the task.

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There are several optimal scrolling screenshot apps that you can easily install from the App Store or Google Play.

How to take a screenshot of a long chat on iPhone

How to take a screenshot of a long chat on iPhone

How to take a screenshot of a long chat on iPhone

The Tailor application is absolutely free (in the free version a small “watermark” appears at the very bottom of the screenshot) and very easy to use. The tool allows you to create and automatically merge multiple screenshots. Tailor does a great job of handling long articles, correspondence and plans, combining shots into one large, cohesive image.

How to take a screenshot of a long chat on iPhone

Download Tailor for iPhone (App Store)

Also, as a reminder, iPhone users have the standard ability to take screenshots of an entire page on any website. We talked about this in detail in this article.

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For Android

How to take a screenshot of a long conversation in one file on Android

The Stitch & Share tool will also cost the user completely free of charge and at the same time it will perform every task in a quality manner. The app takes multiple screenshots and then automatically stitches them together. Stitch & Share makes the process of taking scrolling screenshots as fast and convenient as possible. The tool also allows you to hide part of the screenshot and share it on social networks.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Download Stitch & Share (Google Play)

Capturing scrolling screenshots may not be the most essential feature, however, should the user need to complete this kind of task, Tailor and Stitch & Share are great helpers.

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