Keyboard shortcuts to shutdown and restart Mac

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We’ve also touched on the capabilities of the Power button and shutdown window in macOS. However, using hotkeys will help you control your Mac faster and also use functions that are not provided by the shutdown dialog box.

It should be noted right away that all of the above keyboard shortcuts use the key Power, which is present next to the keyboard on the MacBook, on older generations of laptops that have a CD / DVD drive, as well as on computers with an external keyboard instead of it, you can use drive eject key (Eject) – it is located in the upper right corner of the keyboard.

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Shutting down your Mac

When the keys are pressed at the same time Control + ⌘Command + ⌥Option + Power / Eject Your computer will automatically close all programs and turn off, and no confirmation is required from the user, except, of course, to save the changes in the programs.

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Go to sleep

Press the following keys at the same time to put the computer into sleep mode: ⌥Option + ⌘Command + Power / Eject… On a MacBook, though, it’s easier to just close the lid to go to sleep.

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To quickly restart your computer, press simultaneously: Control + ⌘Command + Power/Eject

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Turn off the display

In order to turn off the display, but at the same time leave the computer in working condition, press the following key combination: Control + ⇧Shift + Power / Eject

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