JVC HA-A10T Wireless Memory Foam In-Ear Headphones

JVC continues to delight its fans with a whole scattering of audio products. It comes in a variety of form factors and target audiences. This time in our field of vision were compact wireless headphones JVC HA-A10T. This device has its own twist – the eartips are made of memory foam, which is a rarity in this price range. As a result, the JVC HA-A10T automatically becomes a worthy consideration, if only because of its fit in the ear, which is a big advantage over conventional silicone earbuds. And the sound quality of the headphones is pleasantly surprising.

VC HA-A10T Headphone Design

JVC HA-A10T: review of wireless headphones

Since its inception, JVC has earned a name for itself by producing products with superior design and consistent Japanese quality. The HA-A10T continues to follow the tradition. This model cannot compete in price with the cheapest competitors, but its trump card is the assembly, which is quite at the level of the best samples. The quality of the plastic really matches the premium class, so the materials will not disappoint the owners of the headphones.

JVC HA-A10T: review of wireless headphones

The outer part of the headphones is slightly enlarged compared to analogs, as a result, the device protrudes slightly from the auricle. Lying on your side with headphones or wearing it inside a helmet can be uncomfortable. However, this is difficult to consider a disadvantage – some of the best wireless headphones, such as the Bose SoundSport Free, have a similar property. And this does not affect their attractiveness in any way.

JVC HA-A10T: review of wireless headphones

The JVC model fits very comfortably in the ear, and the memory foam earbuds play a huge role in the overall product experience. Another interesting feature of the earbuds is the angular shape of the nozzle. All of these design features not only guarantee a better fit in the ear, but also excellent passive sound insulation.

JVC HA-A10T: review of wireless headphones

Each of the earbuds has a hardware button that can be used for different purposes, including answering calls or calling the smartphone’s voice assistant. During operation, pressing this button will not disturb the ear itself, as it happens in cheap models. It’s nice that JVC wireless headphones provide this opportunity. Obviously, physical controls are not as elegant as touch controls, but they do benefit from reliability. Depending on the quality of pressing on the left / right earphone, one or another function is implemented: volume, rewind, pause.

The charging case for JVC HA-A10T is made of the same premium quality plastic, it uses a magnet to ensure a secure fit. The box is also equipped with magnets, which will prevent the headphones from accidentally falling out of there in the event of a sharp disclosure. These small design decisions actually go a long way in shaping the overall experience of using a product. Another interesting feature worth mentioning is the LED indicators on the case.

JVC HA-A10T: review of wireless headphones

With their help, you can find out how much battery is still available for use, thereby planning to recharge the device. Perhaps the only drawback of the case is the presence of a microUSB port instead of the currently fashionable Type-C. Considering that JVC is a well-known audio brand, the manufacturer should make his product as relevant as possible to market conditions, equipping it with a universal modern solution. The headphones also have the ability to quickly recharge – you can put them in a case for 15 minutes and get an extra hour of sound playback. Full recharging takes about two hours.

JVC HA-A10T: review of wireless headphones

The indicator on the earbuds glows red while charging, and the indicators on the charging case light up or flash white. When charging is complete, the indicators on both earbuds and the battery case turn off.

JVC HA-A10T: review of wireless headphones

The headphones are also IPX5 certified. This means that they can be used for active workouts with high sweating: jogging, work in the gym. Compliance with this rating allows you to walk along the street with headphones in a light rain, they are not threatened with moisture getting inside.

The manufacturer offers to choose one of four fashionable color options: black, pink, dark blue and gray-blue. This will allow you not only to use the accessory, but also to complement your everyday look.

JVC HA-A10T: review of wireless headphones

JVC HA-A10T Headphone Features

JVC HA-A10T: review of wireless headphones

The JVC HA-A10T is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless interface, and despite the fact that this is the latest standard, there is not much to talk about. After all, even the most budgetary wireless headphones support it. In terms of codec support, JVC HA-A10T only support SBC. I would like to see additionally the implementation of several other options, for example, AAC or aptX. This would significantly improve the market position of the product.

Working with the headphones is simple – just take them out of the case and they will automatically turn on and connect with your smartphone. Of course, you will need to first pair with the main device.

And while it’s hard to expect professional sound from a wireless headphone of this form factor, the sound in the JVC HA-A10T is pleasantly surprising. The audio quality matches the level of the brand, which is clearly not ashamed of its model. The most obvious aspect of sound is the noticeable emphasis on bass, which makes the headphones an ideal workout accessory. Distortion in the sound becomes noticeable only at 100% volume, while at medium and 75% volume, the low frequencies are pleasant without drowning out other frequencies. The mids sound natural and clear. It’s especially surprising to see such quality from a tiny 5.8mm speaker. JVC HA-A10T have a balanced sound signature in which bass, treble and mids sound harmonious and do not intrude into foreign space. But you shouldn’t automatically consider such a balance to be boring; you can’t blame the HA-A10T for its flat sound. You will hear lively and energetic sound even on complex compositions.

JVC HA-A10T: review of wireless headphones

Evaluating the capabilities of these headphones, experts note that in this price category, apart from the HA-A10T, there are practically no products that could preserve such an abundance of sound details from a wide variety of musical instruments.

A significant drawback is the lack of a convenient automatic pause function when one earpiece is removed from the ear. But in the products of other manufacturers at a cost comparable to the JVC HA-A10T, the same Realme, this function is.

The battery life of the headphones without recharging is 4 hours. This is a little more than most of the no-names of Chinese counterparts, but at the same time, there are “thoroughbred” wireless models on the market that play twice as much. The charging case provides an additional 10 hours of playtime, which is also not a record figure compared to competitors.

The left earphone is equipped with a microphone, which allows the JVC HA-A10T to be used as a headset. However, the quality of a single microphone turns out to be quite average. You will have to speak louder for the other person to hear you. There is also no low latency mode for gaming and video. As a result, you will be able to see a slight discrepancy between the picture and sound, which, in principle, is an integral characteristic of wireless sound transmission via Bluetooth.

JVC HA-A10T: review of wireless headphones

Audio controls

JVC HA-A10T: review of wireless headphones

Play / Pause
Press the button on the right and left earbuds once.

Volume setting
To increase the volume, quickly press the button on the right earphone twice quickly (R).
To decrease the volume, quickly press the button on the left earphone (L) twice quickly.

Skip to the next track
During playback, press and hold the button on the right earbud (R) for about 1 second and release your finger when you hear a beep.
The next track will be played after the current track has finished playing.

Return to the previous track, or the beginning of the current track
During playback, press and hold the button on the left earbud (L) for about 1 second and release your finger when you hear a beep.
The previous track or the beginning of the current track will be played after the current track ends.

Phone control

JVC HA-A10T: review of wireless headphones

Remote control can be done with the right or left earphone.

Answering an incoming call
Quickly press the button once on either earbud while receiving a call.

End call
Press the button once during a call.

Rejecting an incoming call
When there is an incoming call, press and hold for about 1 second until you hear a beep. When you hear a beep, remove your finger.

Switch between headphones and smartphone during a call
During a call, hold for about 1 second until you hear a beep. When you hear a beep, remove your finger.

Using the voice assist function (Siri, etc.)
Quickly press the button on the left earphone (L) 3 times when not using the phone function.

How to turn off JVC HA-A10T headphones

Method 1

Press and hold the button on the right or left earbud for about 3 seconds.

JVC HA-A10T: review of wireless headphones

  • Remove your finger after both lights turn red. The indicator turns off and the power turns off.
  • When the power of the right or left earbud is turned off, the other earphone will turn off automatically.

Method 2

Place the earbuds in the charging case. The headphone power will turn off and the charging process will begin.

JVC HA-A10T: review of wireless headphones


JVC HA-A10T: review of wireless headphones

JVC HA-A10T can be found in domestic online retail at a price of about 3800 rubles. Is it a lot or a little? In fact, at this price point, you can hardly find wireless earbuds from famous brands like JVC. As a result, with the JVC HA-A10T you get a great option with an interesting design and memory foam eartips. In terms of sound quality, these headphones are able to compete with much more expensive solutions. There are also a couple of downsides, the same microUSB port seems like an anachronism in 2021. I would like to see additional features in JVC HA-A10T: increased autonomy and auto-pause to completely outshine competitors in its price niche.

JVC HA-A10T headphones can be recommended to those who do not want to play roulette, purchasing one of the many faceless Chinese options, but want to get a quality product from a well-known brand for an extra charge. Considering the high quality of the sound, it seems impossible to get this from headphones that cost less than 4,000 rubles. But JVC HA-A10T refutes this opinion, and some of the shortcomings of the headphones can be forgiven in the name of the main thing.

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