Is it possible to leave the iPhone connected to the charger overnight, or how to properly charge the smartphone

Today smartphones are an integral part of our life. We use them so often that we have to charge the batteries of our mobile devices almost every day, and sometimes even more often. Due to the fact that we leave smartphones alone at night, it is at this time of the day that the charging process takes place. But is it worth leaving the gadget connected to the network overnight, because initially the manufacturers insisted that charging too long leads to battery wear?

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There are a very large number of theories and dubious assumptions about this. After spending a little time on the Internet in search of practical advice, you will find a whole bunch of posts that are more an expression of your own opinion than true facts. How can you find the truth? DigitalTrends spoke with Shane Broosky, co-founder of Farbe Technik, a charger company. His words are confirmed by Apple, which has implemented optimized battery charging since iOS 13. So…


Leaving iPhone charging overnight is okay if battery life is not a concern for you.

“Leave the phone connected to the network overnight can, it won’t do too much harm to your device as a whole, – noted Brouski. “Your phone is very smart, and once it is fully charged, it will block the incoming charge in order to protect it from overcharging and overheating.”

On the other hand, if the iPhone is just a phone for you, which you will in any case change for a new one in a year or two, then there is little point in worrying about battery life.

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Why iPhone Battery Life Decreases With Constant Night Charging

Continuous “overnight charging” will gradually shorten the battery life.

“When you leave your iPhone on charge overnight, the battery capacity drops from 100% to 95-98% and then recharges again. This cycle will repeat itself several times during the night. As a result, a large number of charging cycles will be wasted without even actively using the phone.

In addition, lithium-ion batteries can react negatively to elevated temperature conditions, which also results in reduced battery life, Shane explains. “If the smartphone is in a case that prevents heat from escaping, it will increase the temperature of the battery and provoke cellular oxidation, which will lead to a decrease in capacity and wear and tear of the battery.”

That is, sometimes in order to prevent damage to the battery, putting the smartphone on charge overnight, it is worth removing the cover.

But there is good news as well. Starting with iOS 13, Apple introduced a new algorithm called Optimized battery charging… This will keep your iPhone at about 80% battery charge throughout the night, sometimes shutting it down completely. The iOS algorithm will determine when the user usually wakes up and starts his day and by that moment will restart charging so that by the beginning of the day he will have a smartphone with a 100% full battery in his hands.

In other words, the function Optimized battery charging will make sure your iPhone doesn’t waste charge cycles overnight. The program will provide 100% battery power by the beginning of an active day.

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Where to see iPhone battery status

iOS has the essential tools to analyze battery performance along the way Settings → Battery… Ibid, in the section Battery status you can see the current percentage of the iPhone’s battery capacity relative to the new device.

Where to see iPhone battery status

IPhone 11 battery status after 2 months of use:

Where to see iPhone battery status

IPhone 8 battery health after 1.5 years of use:

Where to see iPhone battery status

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How to properly charge your smartphone

“The sweet spot for lithium-ion batteries is to keep them 20-80% charged. This allows charged ions to continue to work and protect the battery, Shane says. “By charging the device little by little throughout the day, you can provide these ions with enough energy to keep them working.”

Thus, frequent recharging is much more beneficial for the smartphone’s battery. This is not very convenient, but it is most optimal if you want your smartphone to work as long as possible.

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Things to Try to Avoid When Charging iPhone

According to Brouski, the main threat to the battery can be safely called charging cycles – when the battery is charged from completely or almost zero level to 100%. The fact is that each battery has its own limit of such cycles, exceeding which, the smartphone will stop working.

The maximum allowable number of cycles can be quite high, but the end result is that the battery will run less and less. Ultimately, the battery will not be able to turn on the device at all.

In order to avoid such an outcome, it is sufficient to avoid full charge and discharge of the battery at all times.

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Use quality accessories

Despite all these factors, one of the most important in this matter is the quality of the charger used. It is best, of course, to give preference to the accessories supplied with the smartphone. If their use is impossible, it is worth purchasing an original charger or cable.

These accessories are usually quite expensive. In order to choose the most suitable charger, spend a little time reading manufacturer reviews. However, it will be better if you give preference to more well-known brands.

An equally important factor is also the parameters of the charging or cable. To do this, you need to compare the amperes and watts of the accessories and the smartphone.

Do not use cheap counterparts, as they are often produced without adherence to all standards. Poor charging can lead to faster battery wear and damage to the device.

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Leaving your smartphone connected to the network overnight will damage the battery in the first place. In addition, you should always remember the following:

  • Always use original chargers and cables, or certified alternatives from reputable brands and retailers.
  • Do not let your smartphone get too hot. Remove the cover before leaving your smartphone connected to the network overnight.
  • In order for the battery to work as long as possible, its charge must be 20-80%.
  • Avoid completely discharging the battery and do not charge from 0% to 100% too often.

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