iPhone Changes Volume by itself: How to Disable and Remove Volume Limit in iOS 14

Music lovers among iPhone and iPad owners have probably noticed that the new operating system iOS 14 programmatically limits the maximum sound level in headphones, reducing it at its own discretion. The material below will talk about how to increase the volume of your AirPods or EarPods over the limit, and why Apple strongly recommends not to.

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Can you go deaf from loud music? (Causes of hearing loss)

Many of today’s retirees suffer from a decrease in acuity and even complete hearing loss due to years of work in factories, plants and other enterprises with high levels of noise. With age, the modern generation also increasingly has complaints of hearing problems, but they have already arisen as a result of regularly listening to loud music on headphones. The relationship between persistent bass in the ears and hearing loss is direct, reliably proven, but in most cases easily reversible.

So, the most likely causes of hearing impairment are aging, loud music, and poor hygiene. All three factors damage the hairs in the inner ear, which convert sound waves into electrical impulses for our brain. You can check your hearing in any clinic and even at home, and the decrease in acuity is roughly estimated by the decibel value of the lower hearing threshold (LH):

NPC 0-25 dB – normal hearing;
NPS 26-40 dB – mild hearing loss;
NPS 41-60 dB – moderate hearing loss;
NPC 61-80 dB – severe hearing loss;
NPS More than 80 dB – profound hearing loss.

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At what volume should you listen to music?

As mentioned above, the main problem with loud sounds is the destruction of the fragile sensitive hairs of the inner ear, which in turn leads to a decrease in hearing acuity. At the same time, both sharp and very loud sounds (shot, pop, explosion) and prolonged exposure to moderate noise (music, operation of mechanisms, special equipment, percussion and cutting instruments, etc.) negatively affect a person’s ears.


Whisper – 30-39
Library – 40-45 dB
Moderate rain – 50-55 dB
Conversation – 60-69 dB
Vacuum cleaner – 70-79 dB
Noisy restaurant – 80-89 dB
Motorcycle – 90-99 dB
Ambulance siren – 100-109 dB
Rock concert – 110-119 dB
Thunderclap – 120-130 dB

To limit the harmful effects of loud sounds on a user’s health, Apple uses algorithms based on data from the WHO (World Health Organization), according to which the risk of hearing impairment increases significantly when listening to music from above:

127 hours per week at a volume of 75 dB;
40 hours a week at 80 dB;
4 hours a week at a volume of 90 dB;
24 minutes a week at 100 dB;
2 minutes a week at 110 dB;
14 seconds per week at 120 dB.

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How does an iPhone determine the volume level on a user’s headphones?

Every Apple gadget running iOS 14 and newer has a built-in noise meter that transmits data to the system to limit dangerous volume levels. The user can also monitor the volume of the music on his own, for this it is enough to add an icon Hearing in Command centre, and while listening to audio, this section will display the sound level in decibels.

How does an iPhone determine the volume level on a user's headphones?

In addition, the Apple Watch can also alert the wearer when the noise level is too high.

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Where on iPhone can I see the statistics of listening to music in relation to volume?

iOS not only limits the sound volume to a certain decibel level, but also takes into account the duration of listening to loud music over the past 7 days when calculating the maximum permissible load on the user’s ears. To view the data, go to the tab View applications Healthwhere in section Hearing the report for the past week will be displayed.

Where on iPhone can I see the statistics of listening to music in relation to volume?Where on iPhone can I see the statistics of listening to music in relation to volume?

If the permissible limits are exceeded during subsequent audio playback, the user will receive a notification:

“Based on data on earbuds used in the last 7 days, the volume has been reduced to protect your hearing.”

the volume of the headphones has been reduced to protect your hearing

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How to set your own volume limit on iPhone (volume mute)

Based on WHO data, Apple considers a sound level of 74 decibels to be safe, anything above that is capped based on the amount of listening time in the last week and user-set limits. You can change your volume level limit in the tab Headphone safety, which is located in the menu SettingsSounds and tactile signals

How to set your own volume limit on iPhone (volume mute)

Here the limitation can be selected on a scale in 5 dB steps.

How to set your own volume limit on iPhone (volume mute)

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How to completely disable volume limiting on iPhone?

Everything here is not unambiguous and directly depends on the country for which your smartphone is intended. If you are the owner official Russian iPhonepurchased directly from the Russian online Apple store or from the network of official resellers, then along the way Settings → Sounds and tactile signals → Headphone security a switch will be placed Headphone notifications… Set this switch to position Turned offif you want to get rid of the automatic volume limiting on iPhone when listening to loud music.

How to completely disable volume limiting on iPhone?

If your phone from Europe, USA, etc., then, unfortunately it is impossible to disable automatic volume down – switch Headphone notifications absent on such devices… The user can only set the upper threshold of the volume (100 dB), and even in this case, iOS will limit the duration of audio playback with this noise level.

How to set your own volume limit on iPhone (volume mute)

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