IOS 15 Review: 50 Most Important Tips

This is not to say that Apple surprised everyone. At the presentation of iOS 15, the main focus was on the social capabilities of FaceTime and iMessage, which, frankly, very few people use here. But new features in iOS 15, of course, appeared.

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New design in “Settings”

New design in

Since users visit “Settings” quite often, its new look will not go unnoticed. The design has changed a little. The paragraphs turned out to fit well into the sections with their rounded corners. Earlier, Notes changed in a similar way, so Apple simply repeated the successful trick.

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Focus – Improved Do Not Disturb Mode

How to set up Focus mode on iPhone and iPad

Now the Do Not Disturb mode has expanded its powers to Focus (detailed view). In this new section “Settings” you can both temporarily mute calls or incoming notifications, and configure several scenarios for the behavior of the device in such situations.

Initially, “Focus” allows you to customize “Personal time”, “Work” and “Sleep”. Each of these modes can be adjusted to your taste, taking into account personal needs. From this menu, you can select the allowed programs and contacts for a specific scenario.

How to set up Focus mode on iPhone and iPad

Also in “Focusing” you can create custom modes, and you can quickly switch between scenarios through the “Control Center”.

How to set up Focus mode on iPhone and iPad

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Updated application “Weather”

Weather app overview

Weather is an application that each of us uses from time to time, so changes in it will be noticeable. And although the shell has been redesigned, the data, as before, is pulled from The Weather Channel. But visually, the application has become much more interesting and informative.

Weather app overview

Now in the “Weather” (detailed overview) you can find more options for graphical data presentation. Surely you will pay attention to weather maps that show the situation in a specific region, neighboring cities, or even on a specific route. It’s hard to imagine that some third-party solution can perform better than this standard iOS application.

Weather app overview

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Tags and mentions in Notes and Reminders

How to use tags in Notes app on iPhone, iPad

You can now use the @ mention symbol and tags using # in Notes and Reminders. And the second option seems to be much more useful, because it now makes it easier to sort your posts. In a situation where there are a lot of them, tags really save you.

Reminder tags in iOS: how to use them on iPhone and iPad

Mentions, on the other hand, are good for co-editing posts, which users are not actively using. Usually, mentions are placed next to some new information or revision to further highlight this element.

Notes received a number of minor changes, like a new icon for the checklist button.

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Redesign of the “Notification Center”

I must say, users have long wanted to see a redesigned “Notification Center” – it was required to revise its concept, taking into account the work with a variety of different messages. And in iOS 15 it happened.

The Notification Center has become even more compact, while being able to improve its information content. This happened due to the ability to customize your own sets of notifications, only the most important of which are displayed at the top of the list.

Summary of notifications

Notification summaries are published in Notification Center according to the schedule you set along the way Settings → Notifications → Scheduled delivery

IOS Notification Summary

IOS Notification Summary

In addition, the new Notifications interface includes contact photos and larger app icons.

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Safari changes

The Safari browser in iOS 15 has changed significantly. Immediately striking is the updated start page, which can also be flexibly changed. Start page settings are synchronized with other devices.

But a much more important change is seen as moving the address bar to the bottom of the window. Moreover, this element turned out to be also floating, disappearing from the screen while scrolling the page and appearing when necessary. This approach maximizes the use of screen real estate.

Safari iOS

We admit that this location of the address bar caused a storm of dissatisfaction from users. Apple went to a meeting and added the ability to return everything as it was.

How to return the Safari address bar in iOS 15 to the top

In addition, Safari introduces Tab groups (detailed overview), which allow you to create thematic groups of tabs for a specific direction of surfing (for example, you can create a group with tabs on the same site), move tabs between groups, rename them, copy links to all tabs in a group, etc.

How to use Tab Groups in Safari on iPhone and iPad?

How to use Tab Groups in Safari on iPhone and iPad?

Now you can switch between tabs. This can now be done using horizontal swipes on the panel itself.

Also, Safari on iPhone and iPad now has support for extensions, just like on Mac.

Safari extensions on iPhone and iPad

And finally – Voice Search. Just tap the microphone icon in the search box and dictate your request.

Voice search in Safari

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Spotlight can now search in “Photos”

The smart search engine in iOS 15 is even more advanced. Now she has learned to find images by location, which was previously impossible. Spoitlight also finds the right people or objects.

Spotlight can now search in

The developers promise in the future to teach the search engine to display cards of famous personalities, but so far this remains at the level of assumptions. It is also planned to provide recognition for the search for handwritten text, but for the Russian language such a “chip” will probably appear not soon. So Spotlight is gradually proving its usefulness more and more. This tool is trying to be in demand.

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New widgets in iOS 15

Unfortunately, there was no noticeable improvement in widget functionality in iOS 15. Users will not receive active action buttons. For example, the Music panel will not have a much-needed playback control key. It’s hard to say whether Apple doesn’t want to change anything fundamentally yet, or whether it’s just leaving the changes for the next major update of its operating system.

But at least the list of standard widgets has become larger. For example, in iOS 15, Latitude, Mail, Sleep, Contacts, and the App Store received their own dies. Some old widgets were also slightly revised: Weather and Files. True, in the first beta version of iOS 15, new widgets are still unstable.

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Dolby Atmos and Lossless for Music

IOS 15, like the latest iOS 14 updates, has something interesting for music lovers. Apple Music streaming service has taken on advanced features. There were compositions without compression, in the Lossless format, as well as Dolby Atmos spatial sound.

Spatial Audio on Apple Music

You can activate these features of “Music” in its section in “Settings” (in detail). There you can also choose how best to download songs in the new quality: via cellular networks or Wi-Fi. However, one must understand that not all headphones will be able to fully reveal the capabilities of such audio.

How to download a song in Dolby Atmos for later listening offline?

How to enable uncompressed Lossless (FLAC analog) or Hi-Res audio in Apple Music?

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Desktop shortcuts can be duplicated

How to place multiple icons for the same app in iOS 15

IOS 15 introduces an interesting feature with which you can shape your home screen. Now shortcuts can be duplicated on desktops. And to create an additional icon, you just need to drag it to the desired location from the application library (details).

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LiveText – OCR on photos

How to recognize text from photos on iPhone

IOS 15 introduced Live Text technology, which allows you to recognize (and translate into different languages) characters from a photo (in detail).

How to recognize text from photos on iPhone

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Noise reduction and portrait mode during calls

Now, when making a voice or video call using both standard tools and those built into social networks or instant messengers, you can select the appropriate effects for voice or video. For these purposes, special panels will appear in the “Control Center” (in detail).

How to reduce background noise in iPhone video calls (highlight voice)

For example, the effect “Isolating the Voice” will allow you to drown out extraneous sounds, thus the active noise cancellation, which is present in AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, is programmatically implemented. IPhone calls get even better.

And for video communication in real time, the “Portrait” mode will be useful, similar to the one present in the “Camera” (in detail).

How to blur the background during video calls on iPhone

How to blur the background during video calls on iPhone

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The ability to communicate live in the “Translator”

Now in the application “Translator” there is a possibility of live communication. Especially for this in the tab Communication the corresponding section was even highlighted “Face to face” … With its help, you will be able to talk to random people you meet on the street without wasting time on choosing words. This function seems to be very useful.

Face to face in Translator on iPhone

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In “Photos” you can find information about Exif metadata and add music from Apple Music to Memories

How to view / change Exif metadata of location, dates, etc. in the Photos app on iPhone

The “Photos” application has received an important function – now the Exif metadata can be recognized and changed without using third-party tools (details).

How to view / change Exif metadata of location, dates, etc. in the Photos app on iPhone

Also in the program there was a place for the editor of memories, which allows you to add your favorite music to the created objects (in detail).

How to Add Song from Apple Music to

How to Add Song from Apple Music to

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New magnifier when selecting text

New magnifier when selecting text in iOS

The developers believe that using this element it will be easier to move the cursor to the desired location. But so far, the first user reviews are not too optimistic – the virtual trackpad already controls the cursor well.

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Magnifier received a separate application

Magnifier app in iOS on iPhone

This application will help to increase any information. Previously, a very simple utility from the Control Center was used for this. But now the application has got a separate interface and many additional features. Of course, not all of them will be really in demand.

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iCloud +

In 2021, Apple announced a new premium iCloud + service that requires a subscription. It provides the user with more storage space for photos, files and backups, as well as additional features, including iCloud Private Host (not yet available in Russia), Hide Email (detailed) and HomeKit Secure Video.

iCloud +

Private Site on iPhone and Mac: What is a feature for?

How to hide Apple ID and other e-mails from apps, services and websites on iPhone and iPad?

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Improved mimoji editor

Improved mimoji editor

This tool offers many new features. Among them is the ability to make multi-colored eyes. Thanks to the advanced toolkit, it will be possible to create a virtual avatar that is as close as possible to the original image.

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Other innovations in iOS 15

Social opportunities FacetimeNow in FaceTime you can organize the joint listening to music and watching movies, there is also the effect of being in the same room, as well as the ability to share the screen.

Facetime Facetime

In addition, Android and Windows users can now participate in FaceTime calls.

How do I create a link to a FaceTime call and share it with users?

How to make a FaceTime call from Windows or Android, we talked in detail in this article.

Moving screenshots directly into the application. Now you can move screenshots to other applications directly from the preview (detail)

How can I use my fingers to move screenshots to other apps on iPhone?

Background nature sounds built into iOS. With the release of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, nature sounds in the background are now available on iPhones and iPads. They should help users focus, calm down and relax (in detail).

Background sounds of nature in iOS (rain, stream, ocean): how to enable?

New in iMessage… The branded messenger received even more interesting functions. However, as practice shows, it is unlikely that this will help him gain popularity in our area.

New features of “Maps”… Apple’s proprietary navigation service has traditionally been overlooked in our country – it’s all about its poor information content for Russia and neighboring countries. All these functions and three-dimensional views are not relevant to us yet.

Passports and not only in Wallet… Apple’s e-wallet gets new features in the US. Now you can add keys, identity documents and more to it.

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As much as I would like to highlight significant changes, let’s be frank – there are clearly few of them. Is this really all that Apple has been working on for a whole year? In fact, only functional widgets deserve attention, the rest of the “chips” will be of little real use – you still need to find or come up with scenarios where they will manifest themselves.

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