Incoming calls on iPhone in full screen: how to make?

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The compact dialer allows you to continue to use the device, ignoring the call: not rejecting it, but also not answering it. Conveniently? Yes, but not for all users. It’s hard for someone to hit the right button, and the banner can be accidentally swiped up, thereby dropping an important call. In addition, many users are used to seeing a full-screen photo on the incoming call screen.

Fortunately, Apple has taken care of those users for whom the miniature banner does not suit – you can return the old interface.

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How to return incoming calls to iPhone in full screen

This is a very simple operation. Go to the app “Settings»Smartphone and follow the path: Telephone → Incoming calls

Mute or reject calls with iPhone's compact call interface

You will see two options for displaying information about calls: Banner and In full screen… Obviously, you need to activate the second option.

Mute or reject calls with iPhone's compact call interface

After that, incoming calls will be displayed in full screen even on an unlocked device.

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