How to zoom in Apple Maps on iPhone with one finger

Starting with iOS 11, there is a new ability to zoom in Maps using one-finger gestures, whereas previously, iPhone and iPad owners had to zoom in or out on the map using two-finger tap.

Those who use Apple Maps frequently will find this advice helpful.

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How to scale Apple Maps with one finger

one… The functionality works only on devices running iOS 11 and newer.

2… Open Apple Maps and select the location you want to zoom in or out. Alternatively, you can use the search bar to find the location you want.

3… When the location you want is displayed on the screen, double-tap the display with one finger, but do not remove your finger from the screen after the second tap. Now you can zoom in and out.

four… To zoom in or out without lifting your finger from the screen, swipe up or swipe down, respectively.

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