How to turn off word correction (T9, autocorrect) in Viber on Mac (macOS) or Windows

Most of us actively use at least a dozen different programs on our computers, while there is no time to read the multi-page instructions in detail. As a result, you have to regularly resort to the help of search engines or put up with minor inconveniences.

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For example, many users of the desktop version of the Viber messenger for a computer (Mac and Windows) complain about the auto-correction feature introduced by the developers to correct spelling errors. Naturally, the program is far from always able to correctly understand the user and often changes the meaning of the phrase, replacing the incorrectly written words and completely changing the meaning of the phrase.

The nuance is that in the Viber settings there is no corresponding menu to disable the auto-correction function, and many users start looking for a problem in the operating system.

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Viber on Mac (macOS) and Windows fixes words (auto-correction), how to disable it?

In fact, it is not difficult to find the required switch, it is enough to call the context menu by right-clicking in the text input field, and then uncheck the box in the item “Correct spelling errors automatically “ (Correct spelling automatically).

Viber on Mac (macOS) and Windows fixes words (auto-correction), how to disable it?

Viber on Mac (macOS) and Windows fixes words (auto-correction), how to disable it?

By the way, there is also the function “Check spelling “ (Spelling and Grammar) – When activated, misspelled words will be underlined in red.

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