How to share a contact on iPhone

It might seem like sending your or someone else’s contact information to another person using an iPhone is easy, as Apple has probably made the process as easy as possible. However, this is not the case, which is very strange for a company that is trying to make its software as easy as possible for its users.

Sending contacts to another person is not the most difficult task, but not the easiest one either. Before submitting a data card, make sure you only include the information you want to share. Some users write personal information (for example, phone numbers) in their card that is not intended for prying eyes, so make sure that there is nothing superfluous in it before sending it.

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How to forward any contact from an iPhone to another person

1. Open the app “Telephone” or “Contacts”

2. Select the required contact.

3. Scroll down the page until the option appears. “Share a contact”

4. Click on the item “Share a contact” and choose how to send the selected contact, for example, via e-mail.

How to share a contact on iPhone

If the person you are sending contacts to is nearby and has an iPhone, you can use AirDrop. If the recipient doesn’t appear in the AirDrop list on your phone, ask them to activate the feature in “Control Center” on your iPhone and select the option “For all”

How to share a contact on iPhone

How to share a contact on iPhone

How to share a contact on iPhone

Since Apple uses the vCard standard, which is supported by all popular platforms, you can also send contacts via email, text message, or using a third-party messenger.

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